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Source: Baghdad ISX
Fri / 24 September 2010
Anbar, Ramadi (NINA) –Anbar provincial Council called to postpone the census till after forming government. Deputy Governor of Anbar Province Hikmat Jasim Zaidan stated to the National Iraqi News Agency "The Anbar PC called the central government   ... more>>
23/09/2010 13:51:00
Baghdad (NINA) –MP Khalid al-Alwani of the Iraqi Accord Slate urged the MPs to "partition the government crisis through electing the next Speaker and President and then nominate next premier." In a press statement published on the IAS website, he   ... more>>
23/09/2010 13:03:00
Baghdad (NINA) –The member of the Iraqi Accord Slate, Mutashar al-Samarayi, emphasized the necessity of forming the census which to be conducted on 24, October, 2010. He said in a press statement “Conducted the census required achieving security a   ... more>>
Iraq Stocks Exchange
Change %Prev.Current Down
Kharkh Tour Amuzement City15.7517.5-11.11
Gulf Insurance and Reinsurance1.82-11.11
Ashour Hotel1212.73-6.08
Change %Prev.Current Top
Dar Al-Salam for Insurance2.552.329.02
AL-Nukhba for Construction1.821.668.79
National Chemical Industries2.532.318.7
Photo Gallery
24/09/2010 21:44:00
Civilian wounded in Baquba
24/09/2010 19:33:00
11 Wanted captured in Diyala
24/09/2010 19:29:00
BREAKING NEWS SL delegation met with Sadr
24/09/2010 19:24:00
American military convoy attacked north Tikrit
24/09/2010 19:18:00
Iraq, Syria agree to return their ambassadors to their posts, resume duties
24/09/2010 19:11:00
5 Policemen wounded in Baghdad
24/09/2010 15:50:00
Traffic incident kills 3, injures 10 in Nasiriya
24/09/2010 15:18:00
Ziryab International Music Festival sets out
24/09/2010 14:34:00
Suicide bomber killed in Mosul
24/09/2010 13:26:00
3 wanted arrested, 4 displaced families return in Diyala
24/09/2010 13:00:00
Fuel can bomb defused in Ramadi
24/09/2010 12:19:00
New facilities for investors and businessmen decided by al-Rasheed Bank
24/09/2010 11:15:00
2 roadside bombs defused in Qadisiya
24/09/2010 10:41:00
5 Kurds win seats in Swedish parliament
24/09/2010 10:02:00
2 wanted arrested in Wasit
23/09/2010 22:34:00
Officer assassinated north Baghdad
23/09/2010 21:16:00
4 Mortar shells hit Green Zone, Jadiriya
23/09/2010 20:27:00
Hakeem, Shaways stress necessity of forming national partnership government
23/09/2010 20:20:00
4 Wanted captured eastern Mosul
23/09/2010 19:57:00
BREAKING NEWS Nassar al-Rubaie denies Sadrists agreed on nominating Maliki for a second term
23/09/2010 19:57:00
IED explodes, Weapon cache uncovered in Diyala
23/09/2010 18:48:00
Bomb explodes eastern Baghdad
23/09/2010 18:28:00
Breaking News IZ rocketed
23/09/2010 16:51:00
IA force frees kidnapped, arrests kidnappers in Basra
23/09/2010 16:32:00
FM holds Talks with Foreign Ministers of Finland, Serbia, Afghanistan in New York
23/09/2010 16:15:00
Zebari, Mottaki discuss proceedings of technical committees on borders
23/09/2010 16:05:00
FM Undersecretary, Director of Islamic Conference Organization Office in Baghdad discuss mutual cooperation
23/09/2010 15:35:00
Members of CPD in Najaf carry out sit-in calling to speed up government formation
23/09/2010 15:13:00
IED found inside passenger car in Hilla
23/09/2010 14:50:00
SIIC official calls to dismiss Najaf Governor
23/09/2010 14:40:00
Anbar PC urges for postponing census
23/09/2010 14:35:00
Remains of Iraqi soldier found in Sulaimaniya
23/09/2010 14:14:00
Adeeb insinuates possibility of reaching agreement between Maliki, Abdul Mahdi
23/09/2010 14:03:00
55 m barrels exports of Iraqi oil in August
23/09/2010 13:51:00
Alwani urges MPs to partition government crisis
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