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16 Dec 2009 - 29 Dec 2016
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Busy busy day. Check out the live blog of our youth debate with @bbc_whys and listen to it here
22 minutes ago from web
snowy night in #copenhagen but looking forward to @BBC_WHYS discussions tomorrow
about 19 hours ago from web
Developing nations return to Copenhagen climate talks
8:58 AM Dec 14th from web
yikes. "when bad things happen in a first-world country, it's really a disaster"​#copenhagen
8:57 AM Dec 14th from web
welcome, @selamayalew Hope all is well in Addis. We're getting ready to present your ATC research at #cop15!
5:58 AM Dec 14th from web
RT @sambrook : BBC's college of Journalism goes public
5:55 AM Dec 14th from web
excited to be working with @BBC_WHYS and @​COP15Champions on a youth debate from #cop15 next week
6:42 AM Dec 11th from web
RT @grace_davies : Wangari Maathai on role of the media & CC in Africa (with thanks to Jonathon Porritt for the qu)
9:27 AM Dec 10th from web
At #cop15 next week? Come and see the wonderful @baabamaal in conversation
3:49 AM Dec 10th from web
Brush up on your Swahili:our researcher Sam Otieno on Amka na BBC on translating climate change & Africa Talks Climate
5:45 AM Dec 8th from web
RT @OurWorld20: COP15's Indigenous voices on climate change film festival begins 9th December at the National Museum of Denmark - http:/ ...
10:41 AM Dec 7th from web
RT @chinadialogue : Tan Copsey presents beginner's guide to conference as #cop15 kicks off
6:08 AM Dec 7th from web
RT @LDN: 50 papers worldwide have teamed up to run the same front-page calling for action at the Copenhagen climate summit
2:12 AM Dec 7th from web
very excited that the wonderful @baabamaal will be the WST ambassador at COP15
8:27 AM Dec 3rd from web
our colleagues over in News dept have just launched this amazing timeline - 800,00 years of climate change
5:02 AM Dec 3rd from web
RT @AlertNet Conflict over adaptation funds may spur violence, report warns #climatechange
7:27 AM Dec 2nd from web
RT @alunmcdonald: As pressure mounts to send Darfur IDPs home, little is being said about the crucial issue of land rights ...
12:37 AM Nov 30th from web
RT @publici: Latest from Global Climate Change project: India struggles to confront #climate change
11:26 AM Nov 27th from web
hello @solanasaurus!
11:11 AM Nov 27th from web
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