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14 Oct 2008 - 22 May 2012
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New banknote and coin series
The Riksbank has decided to renew and modernise the entire Swedish banknote and coin series. The current banknote and coin series will at the same time be supplemented with a 2-krona coin and a 200-krona banknote.

The Executive Board of the Riksbank decided in 2008 to review the banknote and coin series. The basic features of Swedish banknotes and coins have remained unchanged over a long period of time. The task now was to review the denominations, formats and security features.

A preliminary report containing facts on banknotes and coins was presented in September 2008. A second report published in November 2008 proposed that the 50-öre coin should be abolished on 30 September 2010. The Riksdag, the Swedish parliament, decided in March 2009 to adopt this proposal. The third report, which was published in March 2010, contains proposals regarding denominations and how they should be allocated among banknotes and coins.
In May 2010 the Riksbank presented a proposal to the Riksdag regarding adding new denominations to the banknote and coins series: a 2-krona coin and a 200-krona banknote, and to replace the 20-krona note with a coin. The Riksdag decided on 2 June to adopt the proposal regarding new denominations, but rejected the proposal for a 20-krona coin. The future coin series will consist of the denominations 1, 2, 5 and 10 kronor and the banknote series of the denominations 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1 000 kronor.
Questions and answers
Why do we need new banknotes and coins?
The banknotes need to be equipped with modern security features to maintain an effective protection against forgery. The coins need to be smaller and lighter to reduce the cost of handling them and to reduce the impact on the environment.

What are the changes?
The entire banknote and coin series will be replaced. The current series will be supplemented with a 2-krona coin and a 200-krona banknote.  The new banknotes will have new motifs and better security features. The coins will be smaller and lighter. The 50-öre coin will disappear.
Why do we need new denominations?
A 2-krona coin and a 200-krona banknote will reduce the number of banknotes and coins. This will simplify the general public’s cash payments. The costs for cash manage will fall and there will be less negative impact on the environment.
When will we have the new banknotes and coins in our wallets?
It takes around five years to replace all of the banknotes and coins.

Here below you will find the reports published and other documents describing the work in this field.

Riksbank to renew banknote and coins series, press release 23 March 2010

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