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6 Jan 2008 - 8 Jan 2015
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Abdul Mehdi, Barham Saleh discuss means to got out of crisis of forming governmentIS member: IS negotiations with SIIC, Fadhila Party still continuous to form government
Fadhila Party denies falsified reports over its stance towards candidate of NCFatlawi: NC seeks involving all sides including IS in upcoming government
2 Members of Naqshibandi cult captured west KirkukPoliceman’s body found in Hilla
2 Soldiers wounded north Baquba3 policemen wounded while defusing a car bomb in Mosul
New hospital to be erected west of MosulAbdul Mehdi discusses Iraq’s banking with Central Bank Governor
2 ships loaded with Vietnamese, Thai rice arrive in BasraFrench Firm starts developing cement factory in Karbala
Iraqi Juniors lose 2-1 to Bahraini counterpartIraqi Junior Team to meet Bahraini counterpart in Asian Cup
NOC holds elections for Iraqi cycling Union in QadisiyaIraqi Youth Team returns to Baghdad
NINA Statistics: 4416 US deaths during combat activitiesPM Post hurdles efforts for forming next government
SL, NIA official say they have reached agreement to merge both alliancesManual recount to start in Baghdad on Monday
Newspapers seize publication during Eid holidayJournalist assassinated in Mosul
Shawees condemns killing SarayIJS condemns assassinating Saray
Body found in KirkukVaccination against polio begins in Kurdistan
Over 1000 detainees in custody of Niniveh police will loose their rationing due to lack of fundsBREAKING NEWS Fire in Baghdad International Airport halts flights
04/10/2010 20:47:00
Gunmen storm jewelry store in eastern Baghdad killing two
04/10/2010 20:22:00
Municipal Council member escapes assassination south Mosul
04/10/2010 20:13:00
Green Zone mortared
04/10/2010 19:08:00
Iraqi soldier wounded in Mosul
04/10/2010 19:07:00
Large weapon, ammunition cache uncovered south Mosul
04/10/2010 18:57:00
Barham Saleh, Egyptian delegation discuss preparations to open Egyptian Consulate in Erbil
04/10/2010 17:41:00
IED explodes in southern Mosul
04/10/2010 17:29:00
Khudhari: We are not in dispute with Amiri
04/10/2010 17:03:00
Preparations for inaugurating Egyptian Consulate in KR
04/10/2010 16:50:00
IED wounds 2 public servants in Baghdad
04/10/2010 16:40:00
Hatab: Some sides within NC reject nominating Maliki for PM post
04/10/2010 16:24:00
Roadside bomb wounds official in charge of protecting embassies in Baghdad
04/10/2010 15:50:00
Hand grenade targets official in charge of census in Kirkuk
04/10/2010 15:42:00
SLC, Sadr Trend get Iraq into dark tunnel, says Mutleg
04/10/2010 14:44:00
Roadside bomb kills 2 police officers, 2 policemen, wounds 7 others in Baquba
04/10/2010 14:40:00
Sarraj expects Maliki’s capable to form government within days
04/10/2010 14:18:00
TV cameraman killed in Falluja
04/10/2010 13:57:00
Roadside bomb wounds 2 policemen in Kirkuk
04/10/2010 13:44:00
Naji: SIIC, Fadhila Party demand guarantees to participate in NC’s government
04/10/2010 13:43:00
Wanted individuals arrested, weapons cache seized in Diyala
04/10/2010 13:05:00
Talabani to attend parliament consultancy sessions
04/10/2010 13:02:00
Breaking News… Undersecretary survives assassination attempt
04/10/2010 12:37:00
2 IEDs target public servant, police officer in Baghdad
04/10/2010 12:30:00
Ani describes Maliki’s next cabinet as “Iranian choice”
04/10/2010 11:47:00
IS’ boycott to create new crisis, says Sharif
04/10/2010 11:37:00
One man killed, another wounded in Kirkuk
04/10/2010 11:15:00
Professor assassinated in Mosul
03/10/2010 22:47:00
2 Members of Naqshibandi cult captured west Kirkuk
03/10/2010 21:08:00
Policeman’s body found in Hilla
03/10/2010 21:03:00
2 Soldiers wounded north Baquba
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