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Iraqi Stocks Main Index
30.0090.960.55 %
Source: Baghdad ISX
Mon / 18 October 2010
16/10/2010 15:20:00
Baghdad (NINA) –Member of the Kurdistani Alliance MP Mahmoud Othman pointed out that “Political blocs allowed the foreign interferences in Iraqi affairs.” He stated to the National Iraqi News Agency “The foreign settlements will be imposed on Iraq   ... more>>
16/10/2010 13:20:00
Baghdad (NINA) –The leader within the Iraqiya Slate assured that “Resuming negotiations of the Slate with the State of Law’s Coalition and head of the SLC Nouri al-Maliki is useless, as Maliki does not believe in forming government on bases of partne   ... more>>
16/10/2010 12:57:00
Baghdad (NINA) –Member of the State of Law’s Coalition Haider al-Jourani pointed out that “The Principle of the political majority became closer to be the base for forming next government since the National Participation principle has been impeded.”   ... more>>
Iraq Stocks Exchange
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Al-Khair for Financial Investment0.370.4-8.11
Mousil Bank0.930.95-2.15
المصـرف الاهـلي العراقي خ0.780.79-1.28
Change %Prev.Current Top
Iraqi Land Transport15.85155.36
Dar Al-Salam for Insurance2.852.75.26
Modern Paint Industries2.152.045.12
Photo Gallery
18/10/2010 10:24:00
Breaking News… Member of Baghdad PC killed in explosion
18/10/2010 10:02:00
Breaking News… Al-Maliki arrives in Tehran
18/10/2010 09:49:00
Factory for making IEDs found in Wasit
18/10/2010 09:27:00
Woman's body found in Hilla
17/10/2010 20:13:00
BREAKING NEWS Casualties from attacking jewelry store in Mansour up to 10 killed, wounded
17/10/2010 20:10:00
Iraqi soldier killed, officer wounded in Mosul
17/10/2010 20:03:00
Zebari to NINA: Maliki’s visit to Jordan was successful forming new government was discussed
17/10/2010 20:01:00
Maliki to NINA: Some politicians speak negatively about Iraq, our visit was to relay a true picture
17/10/2010 19:41:00
Maliki returns to Baghdad ending a short visit to Jordan
17/10/2010 19:23:00
BREAKING NEWS Hashimi: Iraqiya leadership took an important decision to be announced on Monday
17/10/2010 17:52:00
Maliki concludes visit to Jordan
17/10/2010 17:33:00
Breaking News… Gunmen storm jewelry shop in Baghdad, 8 killed, 4 wounded
17/10/2010 16:56:00
NINA thanks congratulators for its 5th anniversary
17/10/2010 16:56:00
Artifacts discovered in Kut
17/10/2010 16:22:00
Ammunition found in Amara
17/10/2010 16:06:00
5 wanted men arrested in Maysan
17/10/2010 16:06:00
Maliki, Jordanian counterpart hold private meeting
17/10/2010 15:47:00
Gang of fraud and forgery arrested in Najaf
17/10/2010 15:06:00
Esawi, Shimmari discuss finding convergences among parliamentary sides
17/10/2010 14:30:00
Maysan Oil Company increases production
17/10/2010 14:18:00
Diyala PC: Delay of government formation hurdles vital projects in province
17/10/2010 13:48:00
Tribal delegation visits Sistani
17/10/2010 13:40:00
Malaysian company starts drilling 2 oil wells in Dhi Qar
17/10/2010 13:29:00
Jobouri: Arabs, Turkmen’s concerns towards political debates “justified”
17/10/2010 13:19:00
10 wanted men arrested in Diyala
17/10/2010 13:16:00
IS MP reveals reaching agreement with SLC to trade PM post for President Post
17/10/2010 12:56:00
Jumaili denies reports over IS’ approval to participate in Maliki’s cabinet
17/10/2010 12:33:00
Breaking News…. Maliki arrives in Amman
17/10/2010 12:29:00
2 IEDs wound 6 civilians in Baghdad
17/10/2010 12:12:00
Al-Nijeifi: Forming government depends on talks among Iraqiya, SIIC and KBA
17/10/2010 11:34:00
Al-Faez: Kurds are closer to Abdul-Mahdi than to al-Maliki
17/10/2010 10:52:00
Breaking News… Maliki leaves for Jordan
17/10/2010 10:12:00
132 wanted men arrested in Wasit during this year
16/10/2010 20:31:00
Kurdistan region’s government meets with foreign diplomats in the region
16/10/2010 20:29:00
IED against Sadrist’s car wounding 2 civilians
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