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23 Nov 2010 - 15 Jun 2012
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BBC Search FAQ
How can I get the best search results?
Use descriptive and specific words rather than general phrases. Make sure you spell the names of any programmes or people correctly.

How can I filter results?
You have a choice of filters:
All Results
BBC News & Sport
BBC TV and Radio
Rest of BBC Mobile
Content on BBC iPlayer (only for devices that support iPlayer)

Within BBC News & Sport you can further filter by relevance or date.

Every time you enter a new keyword the results will default back to All Results.

How are results displayed?
The most relevant links are at the top, based on how recent the page is and how often your search term appears on the page. The default is set to five results per page, but larger screen devices may receive up to 10 or 15 results per page.

Why can't I find some content?
Search returns most pages on BBC Mobile, with the exception of some programming information and h2g2. For this information use the search found on their sites.

Programme information

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