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08 Mar 2010 - 31 Jan 2011
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We work in partnership with media professionals, broadcasters, NGOs and governments in developing countries to produce television dramas, discussion and debate programmes, public service announcements and programmes for young people and children. Our programmes focus on education, emergency response, the environment, health, governance and human rights and livelihoods.
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Wangari Maathai on media and climate change
“I’m going to Copenhagen to talk, which I’m very good at.” Nobel Laureate Wangari Maathai discusses public awareness of climate change in Africa with fellow environmentalist, Jonathon Porrit.  Watch
Strengthening the media in Bangladesh
Behind the scenes at The World Debate, recorded at the 17th century Lalbagh Fort, Dhaka, Bangladesh   Watch
A cast of characters including a new puppy named "Condom" have reached over 125 million young men in India in our innovative condom normalisation campaign.  Watch
A powerful new feature film brings together some of Cambodia's top young actors to promote safe sex and educate young Cambodians about HIV and AIDS  Watch
Mobile telephony has an increasingly important role to play in international development. The BBC World Service Trust has just launched a ringtone campaign to promote the use of condoms. The message: 'smart men use condoms'. (55secs)  Watch
Promoting condom use in the battle to prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS, the green parrot returns to disrupt a game of kabbadi. The message: 'If we men don't talk about condoms, who will?' (60secs)  Watch
Bangladesh Sanglap (Dialogue on Bangladesh) is a ground-breaking political debate programmes that allow people to question and interact with decision-makers.  Watch
A scene from our television drama Wetin Dey (What's Up?), which looks at the social realities facing people in Nigeria today and raises awareness about HIV and AIDS. It is shot on location near the capital, Abuja. (2 mins 20 secs)  Watch
Soba PSA, Angola - video
In August 2005, we began working in partnership with Radio Nacional de Angola to produce public service announcements (PSAs) about HIV and AIDS in eight languages.  Watch
In The Dark - video
In this clip from our film that raises awareness about human-trafficking, two schoolgirls are enticed to Phnom Penh by the promise of well-paid work in a garment factory. But it is employment as a sex worker, not a seamstress, that awaits them. (3 mins 33 secs)  Watch
Handwashing song - video
A group of enthusiastic school children deliver an important message about how to avoid diarrhoea through handwashing - in song. (70secs)  Watch
Taste of Life - video
Our hospital-based drama Taste of Life is the ideal vehicle for blending everyday stories with health messages. Our projects place a lot of emphasis on training and skill building.  Watch
Thabyegone Ywa - video
We worked in partnership with a team of Burmese media professionals and the BBC Burmese Service to broadcast educational programming and a radio drama that delivered live-saving health information to Burmese listeners. The challenge for the producers of our radio series Thabyegone Ywa is to take a health issue such as HIV and put it into the context of a drama.  Watch
Condom competition - video
The three-week campaign asked people to answer a riddle. Here's one of the clues: "It's a sign of manhood... but it's not a moustache."  Watch
Zunguiero PSA, Angola - video
In August 2005, we began working in partnership with Radio Nacional de Angola to produce public service announcements (PSAs) about HIV and AIDS in eight languages. This clips is only available in Portuguese.   Watch
Interview: Kimasomaso presenter Tom Japanni
Kimasomaso (Speak Out Boldly) broadcasts to 4.5 million young people in east Africa each week, providing accurate information about sexual and reproductive health.  Watch
Chunnilal gets it right - video
Claymation character Chunnilal may get things wrong, but his wife says he's still cool because he uses a condom. This animated couple help to promote the use of condoms. (60secs)  Watch
Haath se Haath MIla music video
The title song and music video from our TV drama Haath se Haath Milaa feature 50 film and television stars - including Shilpa Shetty and youth star Shanti Noronha.   Watch
Reality TV challanges HIV - video
Our TV drama Haath se Haath Milaa uses the latest reality TV techniques to entertain and inform a young audience. As two buses cross north India, the young passengers learn things that will help them to live their lives - this includes joining in the fight against HIV/AIDS. (2mins 26secs)  Watch
Introducing Jasoos Vijay - video
In our award-winning series, HIV-positive detective Jasoos Vijay has communicated key HIV messages to over 70m people. Issues covered include how HIV is transmitted and challenging stigma and discrimination. (19secs)  Watch
Supporting peace in Nepal - video
A fragile peace exists in Nepal following 10 years of civil war. The root causes of conflict - discrimination and inequality - need to be addressed to create a sustainable peace. To do this, we have provided a platform for the people who have traditionally been excluded from the political process. (60secs)   Watch
Candonguiero PSA, Angola - video
In August 2005, we began working in partnership with Radio Nacional de Angola to produce public service announcements (PSAs) about HIV and AIDS in eight languages. This clip is only available in Portuguese.  Watch
Tak Ting Nang Nang - video
A young girl sings to her crying sibling. Their mother stops work to feed the baby, explaining to her daughter why breast milk is best. (80secs)  Watch
Jackie Chan fights AIDS - video
Action film star Jackie Chan and animated condom Loak Chuoy team up to deliver a 'Let's fight AIDS together' message that packs a punch. (70secs)  Watch
Chentra and Butra - video
Two actors from our drama Taste of Life, Sara Chentra and Sou Butra, deliver a poignant HIV anti-stigma message.   Watch
Cambodia country overview - video
We have formed partnerships with local broadcasters in Cambodia to deliver large-scale health and information campaigns.  Watch
In Touch for China - video
In Touch for China is a weekly radio programme produced by and for visually impaired people in China, who have received training at our radio production centre in Beijing. The shows are working to change attitudes to disability in China. (55secs)  Watch
Who wants to be a Millionaire?
Produced as part of our mass media campaign to stop HIV and AIDS in India, this public service announcment uses the familiar 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire?' format. A contestant answers a question on AIDS protection correctly to win a million rupees.   Watch
Promoting condoms: don't be shy
Uncle Pappu's outlandish behaviour embarrasses his nephew. But when it comes to buying condoms, it is the young man who is uninhibited. We have worked in partnership with the National AIDS Control Programme and public broadcaster Doordarshan. (1min 5secs)  Watch
Stigma: Srey Pov - video
A young, female NGO worker, who has been HIV positive for six years, explains that living together does not spread HIV. (80secs)  Watch
Sick children - video
Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI) is the number one killer of children in Cambodia. This TV announcement highlights the symptoms and what action to take. (90secs)  Watch
Nutrition: No Water - video
When an aunt advises her niece to give a crying baby milk, the young mother tells her that breast milk is best for babies under six months old. (90secs)  Watch
Health campaigns - video
Working in partnership with the Cambodian government, Cambodian broadcasters and a range of international and local organisations, we produced a mass media campaign to help stop the spread of HIV and AIDS, improve care and support for people living with HIV, and improve the health of Cambodia's mothers and children.  Watch
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