12 Jul 2010 - 1 Sep 2021
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China's currency war is 'fiction'
The idea that China is at the front of a currency war with the dollar and euro is "romantic fiction" says economist Jim O'Neill.
3 mins
How to listen to our Business programmes
How to listen to World Business News, Business Daily, Business Weekly and Global Business
Is Merkel 'economically illiterate'?
Germany's Angela Merkel has warned against a return to global trade protectionism. But could Germany itself be partly responsible?
3 mins
Is it acceptable to criticise your employer on Facebook?
If you do not enjoy your work, are you entitled to say so on social networking sites? The BBC's Robin Lustig spoke to Jessica Tabalba from new media consultancy Attic Media, and Michael Scutt, who specialises in employment law.
5 mins
Return to gold standard 'a silly idea'
Economist Irwin Stelzer rejects a return to currency fixed to gold.
3 mins
Return to White Horse
"We took the decision to build a new city ten years ago - we had four objectives civilised, hygienic and scenic - with a focus on eco-tourism." Carrie Gracie returns to White Horse Village to see how the urbanisation of China is progressing.
Will US printing money boost economy?
Roger Bootle covers off quantative easing
9 mins
The Battle of King Salmon - part one
In this two-part documentary Nick Rankin reports from Alaska during the greatest wild salmon run in the world and joins commercial and subsistence fishermen who live off this natural resource.
22 mins
The 'Michelle Obama effect' on clothing sales
Professor David Yermack of the Stern Business School has found that Michelle Obama's choice of outfit has a direct impact on fashion companies' stock prices.
4 mins
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