13 Jul 2010 - 01 Sep 2021
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Exchanges at the Frontier
The philosopher AC Grayling presents a series of debates challenging established scientific theories.
Two huge gamma-ray bubbles discovered either side of Milky Way
Astronomers in the United States have detected two enormous bubbles of energy spilling out from the centre of our galaxy, the Milky Way. David Whitehouse is an author and space scientist.
3 mins
Tweeting police: The role of social media in police work
Detectives in the UK are going to be given formal training in how to use social media as part of their police work. Andrew Kay is Head of Investigative Skills at the National Policing Improvement Agency.
3 mins
The Battle of King Salmon - part one
In this two-part documentary Nick Rankin reports from Alaska during the greatest wild salmon run in the world and joins commercial and subsistence fishermen who live off this natural resource.
22 mins
Wire-free power
Could wireless electricity be a reality soon?
Computer curse
The man who wrote the first ever computer virus
Broadband in a backpack
Mobile internet connection from almost any location
Crowd control
New technology for predicting crowd behaviour launches
Beaver Receiver
Why New Yorkers are sending texts to river wildlife
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