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Open Society Institute
Tomorrow is the anniversary of the democratic uprising in Kyrgyzstan. Find out how Kyrgyz people have been using social media to better share information and foster citizen journalism.
Expanding Twitter’s Reach in Kyrgyzstan | Open Society Foundations Blog
Following last year's uprising in Kyrgyzstan, local NGO leaders were committed to finding a way to expand Twitter's reach by making it more accessible and affordable. Tweet.kg was born.
19 hours ago · Like · Comment
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Randy Macemore I will share the ♥,3♥
9 hours ago
Open Society Institute
A young man is left to die in pain because of archaic restrictions on medicines. A woman is sterilized without her consent because she has HIV. A teenager with a drug problem is locked away in a "treatment" center where he is beaten and abused. Find out what you can do to help stop torture in health care.
Stop Torture in Health Care Trailer
A young man is left to die in pain because of archaic restrictions on medicines. A woman is sterilized without her consent because she has HIV. A teenager with a drug problem is locked away in a "treatment" center where he is beaten and abused. The Campaign to Stop Torture in Health Care is wor
March 29 at 10:06am · Like · Comment
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Aigul Kubatbekova Together we can all stop human rights violation!
March 31 at 3:21pm
Open Society Institute
The Black Male Identity Project is using community art to change the way we think about what it means to be a black male.
Black Male Identity
The project is funded in large part by the Open Society Foundation’s Campaign for Black Achievement (CBMA). One of the major goals of the CBMA is promoting an asset-driven--as opposed to deficit-driven--narrative of black male identity, highlighting black males’ vast untapped potential. The Black Male Identity Project has the overall purpose of formulating and providing a framework for ongoing self-definition and image reclamation.
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March 25 at 9:03am · Like · Comment
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Barbara Pitts If you can't say something nice, don't say anything. Please!
March 25 at 9:46pm
Open Society Institute
It's World TB Day. Check out this award-winning photo essay documenting the steep challenges faced by TB patients in Ukraine. What needs to be done to better address this disease?
TB: When the Barriers to Care Are Too High | Open Society Foundations Blog
In January 2011, photojournalist Misha Friedman traveled to eastern Ukraine to document the unique challenges faced by tuberculosis patients seeking treatment.
March 24 at 6:58am · Like · Comment
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Douglas James
Sir Ive pleaded for my life with glenn beck to deaf ears. Im the guy who gave the idea to UN people in slovakia to save the gypsies. Also the free energy machine scwartsenager is selling. Sir ask Obama for my CIA file...no love there. ...
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March 24 at 5:04pm
Open Society Institute
How does international humanitarian law apply to terrorism and counter-terrorism? Find out at today's live webcast with Justice Richard Goldstone, the UN's Juan Mendez, and others.
Live Webcast: Terrorism and International Law | Open Society Justice Initiative | Open Society Found
Justice Richard Goldstone and other experts will discuss international human rights law, the investigation and prosecution of terrorist crimes, reform in counterterrorism, and victims' right to reparations.
March 23 at 6:26am · Like · Comment
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Open Society Institute Got a question for the panel? Leave it in the comments below, and we will share selections live tonight!
March 23 at 6:28am · 1 person
Open Society Institute
Check out our latest online exhibition of outstanding photographers documenting some of the most urgent and moving issues we currently face.
Moving Walls Online Exhibition | Documentary Photography Project | Open Society Foundations
Sponsored by the Open Society Foundations, the Moving Walls photography exhibition documents the transitional condition of open societies and the promotion and maintenance of democratic values.
March 21 at 11:31am · Like · Comment
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Daria Hart Great photos and moving text.
March 21 at 4:40pm
Open Society Institute created an event.
Live Webcast: Counter-Terrorism & International Law
Wednesday, March 23, 2011 at 6:30pm
March 15 at 12:45pm · Like · Comment
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Davor Bilobrk Zekan Important issue. Can it be evaluated both in a real and a cyber environment, as one of subtopics?
March 15 at 1:46pm · 1 person
Open Society Institute
Thousands of Roma kids will likely continue to be wrongly segregated into schools for children with mental disabilities this year. What do you think should further be done to halt the widespread discrimination against Roma in education?
Denied a Shot at a Good Education | Open Society Foundations Blog
Europe's top human-rights watchdog issued an urgent rebuke to the Czech Republic last week: Stop the continued racial segregation of Roma children in schools that damns them to "a future as second-class citizens."
March 12 at 5:21am · Like · Comment
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March 14 at 6:05am
Open Society Institute
We believe singling out a group of Americans for government scrutiny based on their faith is divisive and wrong. What do you think about the King hearings?
Congressional Hearing Discriminates Against Religious Minority | Open Society Institute--Washington,
The Open Society Foundations objects to the upcoming congressional hearing that wrongfully singles out a group of Americans for government scrutiny based on their faith.
March 10 at 7:12am · Like · Comment
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Joe Whittle Ironically, King has been a supporter of the IRA, with financial and personal links to them, as well as being caught on video commenting in support of them. Even though they are a terrorist organization that has killed many, many innocent people in their bombings and attacks.
March 10 at 8:06am · 2 people
Elizabeth Powers From the letter: "The First Amendment protects freedom of religion. Singling out a group of Americans for government scrutiny based on their faith is divisive and wrong. Muslims are an integral part of America and should be treated as such."
March 10 at 10:33am
Open Society Institute
Congrats to our grantee the Innocence Project, who worked on this case.
U.S. Supreme Court: Inmate Can Seek DNA Testing | Open Society Foundations Blog
The Supreme Court has issued an important ruling in favor of those who seek nothing more than a chance to use modern DNA testing to prove their innocence.
March 8 at 6:58am · Like · Comment
Rohitha Dassanayake, Elysse Wageman, Sok Sidon and 32 others like this.
Gerardo Gambirazzio A 6-3 vote? Gosh! I can't imagine why on earth those 3 justices would have wanted to prevent inmates from seeking DNA testing...
March 8 at 8:49am
George Soros: How transparency can help end the "resource curse" and let new democracies flourish.
The natural resources sector has the potential to generate billions of dollars in revenues that can be used for poverty reduction and sound investment. For decades, however, management secrecy has allowed corruption to thrive in countries such as Angola, Cambodia and Guinea. According to Nigeria’s o
Donal Adams This article points out a very important effort at transparency that has been highly successful but not well known. IT is also, once more, an example of George Soros putting action behind words and accomplishing good for millions of people.
March 4 at 11:21am
Open Society Institute Note that if you prefer not to use the above link, which requires registration, you can also read this article on our blog: http://blog.soros.org/2011​/03/openness-can-help-lift​-the-curse-of-resources/
March 7 at 8:33am · 2 people
Open Society Institute
If you live in a country where sex work is criminalized, you might be surprised to hear that sex workers have rights. You might even think that they should not have rights, though if that’s the case, you’ve probably never spoken with a sex worker.
Phoebe’s Story: Why We Need International Sex Workers Rights Day | Open Society Foundations Blog
Around the world sex workers face a wide range of human rights abuses, often as a result of the laws, policies, and practices of the very governments tasked with their protection.
March 3 at 7:21am · Like · Comment
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Rai Berg Sex workers are the slaves of the 21st century. Most are in this slavery for one main reason: Mammon, or Money. We at EinsteinReport are determinded to help people escape the poverty trap.
March 4 at 2:46am
Rai Berg Watch the video. Underground powers such as Queen Babylon or agent 1-2-3 work hand-in-hand with pimps and human trafficers. http://www.youtube.com/wat​ch?v=B22f2Gd_T7I
March 4 at 2:50am
Open Society Institute
The March 21 deadline is fast approaching!
OSI-Baltimore Seeks Applicants for 2011 Community Fellowships | Open Society Institute--Baltimore |.
OSI-Baltimore's Community Fellowships program seeks dynamic activists and social entrepreneurs interested in implementing projects that address problems in underserved communities in Baltimore city.
March 2 at 12:02pm · Like · Comment
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Open Society Institute
The Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (HCLU), an Open Society grantee, has produced more than 200 films on topics such as drug policy, HIV/AIDS & human rights, and disability rights. All are free to download & distribute.
HCLU Film 2010
In 2010 HCLU produced 127 videos. There are 91 foreign language (English or Russian) and 36 Hungarian language videos. Besides drug policy, we produced many interesting films in the fields of HIV/AIDS and human rights, disability rights, freedom of speech and freedom of information, and within the f
February 23 at 7:58am · Like · Comment
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