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29 Nov 2010 - 16 Jun 2022
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Monday, 29 November 2010
Cairo 30-12
Balkans a potential Israeli ally
As Turkey's relationship with Israel deteriorates, Israel looks to the Balkans for a new strategic alliance, attempting to isolate its one time partner  
Khamenei urges Hariri to 'consolidate ties with Nasrallah'
On the third and final day of Premier Hariri's visit to Iran, the Lebanese leader met with Iran's Ayatollah Khamene, discussing Beirut's relationship with Hezbollah

WikiLeaks: Saudi source dismisses Kingdom urged US military action against Iran
A Saudi writer, close to the royal family, has flatly dismissed reports released by WikiLeaks indicating that King Abdullah encouraged the US to strike Iran

Iran accuses US and Israel of killing nuclear scientist
Iran on Monday named the US and Israeli intelligence services, the CIA and Mossad, of killing a prominent scientist in the Islamic republic's controversial nuclear programme.

Egyptian and PA officials deny WikiLeaks implied complicity in Israel attack
Egyptian and Palestinian officials deny the implication suggested by WikiLeaks-released US documents that Israel had an understanding with Egypt and the Palestinian Authority with respect to its 2008 invasion of Gaza

US exaggerates threats to sell arms
Washington has exaggerated threats regarding Iran, Iraq, Yemen and Al-Qaeda to convince other GCC countries to sign arms deals similar to the most recent Saudi purchase

Saudi arms deal restitution to West
Arms deals between Riyadh and Washington, Madrid and London are viewed as recompense for western economic crisis and a preparative measure for any future conflict with Iran

Iran is ready to help Lebanese army
Iran declares solidarity with Lebanon and its intention to assist Lebanese army

Hamas resistance facing huge challenges
Hamas leader, Meshaal, appeals to the PA to launch resistance against the Israeli occupation and the settlements

Arab League brings Eastern Sudan into focus
An Arab conference on the development of East Sudan is to be held in Kuwait 1-2 December

International negotiators and Ireland agree on bailout
An agreement has been reached between international negotiators and Ireland on a 85 billion-euro bailout package

Thousands of Italians protest bleak job outlook
Tens of thousands Italians marched in Rome on Saturday in a rally organised by Italy's largest union to protest bleak job prospects and demand more rights for workers

South Korea's defense minister resigns
South Korea's defense minister resigns on Thursday following deadly clashes with North Korea two days earlier.

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