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29 Nov 2010 - 20 May 2022
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Wednesday, 01 December 2010
Cairo 27-12
After the elections
Abdel Moneim Said

The first round of the parliamentary elections has ended. But with a runoff round still to go, it is too early to analyze what happened or speculate on where the political situation is heading

Religion and the civil state in the elections
Waheed Abdel-Meguid

The world is retreating to religion and dogma

Beyond ruling elite domination and opposition distress
Amr Hamzawy

Heated debates on the parliamentary elections in Egypt have highlighted many pitfalls of the process

Elections in a new Egypt
Abdel Moneim Said

While some foreign powers and their respective media are keen to paint Egypt as politically stagnant, the reality is quite different

NDP may get more than it bargained for
Hani Shukrallah

Tomorrow's elections feature a unique experiment in "political engineering". It is unlikely to work

Abundance of parties and no efficacy
Hassan Abou Taleb

Guarantees for free and fair parliamentary elections will not alone lead to vibrant democracy if the parties competing for election are weak and lack popularity

Owners and editors: new relationship needed
Waheed Abdel-Meguid

A new era of the press in Egypt could be at hand if some basic rules are laid down to govern the relation between owners and editors

Countering sectarian slogans
Amr El Shobaki

The spread of sectarian political slogans in recent years is a dangerous development that goes against Egypt’s best traditions. The government should take action against it


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