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20 October 2010
28 December: Ruling on Mandatory Premarital Testing
A decision on the lawsuit requesting the abolition of a state policy that requires couples wishing to marry to undergo a medical exam is due to be delivered on 28 December, the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) said today. The case is being heard by the first circuit of the Court of Administrative Justice, headed by Judge Kamal Lamai.

25 July 2010
EIPR asks Public Prosecutor to Guarantee the Safety and Freedom of the Wife of a Deir Mawas Priest

22 July 2010
After University President is Served with a Notice, Fayyoum University Implements Court Ruling Allowing Women Who Wear the Niqab to Take Exams

28 March 2010
EIPR Researcher Wins AUC Gender Studies Award

5 January 2010
Niqab Ban in University Exams an Excessive Measure, Penalizes Students for their Beliefs
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