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Monday December 27th 2010

Hybrid trains
The Prius principle
What worked for cars can work for trains: railway engines will soon be hybrid​(1)
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The history of banking
Ducats for Caravaggio
A look into the ledgers of Naples's remarkable banking archive (1)
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Management gurus
Why do firms exist?
Ronald Coase, the author of “The Nature of the Firm” (1937), turns 100 on December 29th​(30)
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Charles Dickens
A merry Dickens Christmas
Everyone loves Charles Dickens during the holidays, yet no one seems to read him
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Bee biology
Epigenetic anointment
Chemical add-ons to DNA make the difference between queen bees and workers​(8)
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The tyranny of choice
If you can have everything in 57 varieties, making decisions becomes hard work(9)
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Canada's politics
A smaller welcome mat
Second thoughts about a liberal immigration policy​(60)
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Hungary's pugnacious government
Hungry for power
The government takes over Hungary’s independent institutions, one by one​(229)
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Thank you and goodbye
Iran's president fires his chief diplomat ahead of a new round of nuclear talks​(26)
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American unemployment
In the bleak midwinter
Poverty looms for the long-term unemployed​(60)
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Growth in Africa
South of the Sahara
Boom times, at least in parts of southern Africa
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The marvellous Magyar microcars
How Hungary circumvented Stalin and also had a bit of fun
From our blogs
Cassandra wonders what makes a country
Baobab considers what 2011 holds for Africa
Gulliver discovers what air travellers really want
Asia view takes in Christmastime in Vietnam
Prospero talks to Tod Machover about music technology
Democracy in America says Bruce Sterling misconstrues WikiLeaks' aims
Free exchange explains why population growth can mean fewer problems
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Emoticon diplomacy ;-)
Europe is not just a land of smiley faces
Doctoral degrees
The disposable academic
Why doing a PhD is often a waste of time
Save the date
We invite you to predict when China will overtake America
A global forecast
The Economist Intelligence Unit looks at what will drive growth in 2011
Cake and culture
Season's eatings
Old and new traditions blend in a modern Christmas ritual
Eighteen questions on the Christmas edition of The Economist​, ranging from the Easterlin paradox to Savile Row
The Difference Engine
Net neutrality
America struggles to rewrite its rules for internet access
The year ahead
The first in a two-part series looks ahead at the world economy, emerging markets, paywalls and corporate anniversaries
The World in 2011
What will happen next year
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The World in 2011
Cheer up
The American economy will defy the pessimists »
The Economist Asks
Is the creation of artificial life the biggest scientific breakthrough of 2010?
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  1. Save the date: Save the date
  2. Doctoral degrees: The disposable academic
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  4. China and the Nobel peace prize: The empty chair
  5. Hungarian politics: Hungry for power
  6. The future of English: English as she was spoke
  7. Age and happiness: The U-bend of life
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  9. Chinese tourists: A new Grand Tour
  10. Science: The lonely 6%
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