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Tuesday December 28th 2010

Electric cars
Tesla's jitters
Despite its share-price dip, Tesla's prospects still look promising​(4)
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Hello country number 193
Introducing South Sudan​(1)
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A scramble in Africa
As they struggle for growth, global resources giants may end up battling over even quite modest mineral deposits in Africa​(5)
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Hybrid trains
The Prius principle
What worked for cars can work for trains: railway engines will soon be hybrid​(19)
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Belarus's election
What should we do about Belarus?
The European Union tangles with a knotty problem to its east​(27)
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America and China
Save the date
We invite you to predict when China will overtake America​(192)
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The history of banking
Ducats for Caravaggio
A look into the ledgers of Naples's remarkable banking archive (3)
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Pakistani art
Breath of violence
Contemporary art that reflects the many-sided violence afflicting Pakistan​(1)
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Management gurus
Why do firms exist?
Ronald Coase, the author of “The Nature of the Firm” (1937), turns 100 on December 29th​(34)
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Charles Dickens
A merry Dickens Christmas
Everyone loves Charles Dickens during the holidays, yet no one seems to read him
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Latin America in 2011
Latin America changes its guard
Democracy and market economy are happily becoming routine​(1)
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From our blogs
Babbage asks: what were the wackiest science and technology breakthroughs of 2010?
Bagehot sees centrist Tories misunderstanding coalition politics
Cassandra wonders what makes a country
Baobab considers what 2011 holds for Africa
Gulliver discovers that air travellers want the unobtainable
Blighty suggests that some political hypocrisy is a good thing
Asia view takes in Christmastime in Vietnam
Democracy in America says Bruce Sterling misconstrues WikiLeaks' aims
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The World in 2036
How fast will man run?
Usain Bolt looks ahead to the 2036 Olympics
Ocean pollution
A New Year’s wish for less trash
The news about plastics in the ocean gets worse
Emoticon diplomacy ;-)
Europe is not just a land of smiley faces
Our economic crystal ball
Our economics correspondents discuss whether 2011 will be a year of dangers avoided, or surprising shocks
Doctoral degrees
The disposable academic
Why doing a PhD is often a waste of time
A global forecast
The Economist Intelligence Unit looks at what will drive growth in 2011
The marvellous Magyar microcars
How Hungary circumvented Stalin and also had a bit of fun
Eighteen questions on the Christmas edition of The Economist​, ranging from the Easterlin paradox to Savile Row
Volcanic eruptions
Guided by the lightning
A new way of protecting planes from the ash from volcanoes
The year ahead
The first in a two-part series looks ahead at the world economy, emerging markets, paywalls and corporate anniversaries
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The World in 2011
What will happen next year »
The Economist Asks
Should neighbouring countries intervene militarily in Côte d'Ivoire?
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  1. Save the date: Save the date
  2. Doctoral degrees: The disposable academic
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  4. China and the Nobel peace prize: The empty chair
  5. Hungarian politics: Hungry for power
  6. The future of English: English as she was spoke
  7. Age and happiness: The U-bend of life
  8. Belarus's election: Lukashenka uncovered
  9. Chinese tourists: A new Grand Tour
  10. Science: The lonely 6%
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