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Thursday December 30th 2010
A coup against the constitution
Rather than share power with the opposition, Hugo Chávez castrates the newly elected legislature (66)
Showing his true colours (18)
A wave of nationalisation (Nov 2010) (22)
The bill for bad policies comes due (Mar 2010) (28)
A democrat or a dictator?
Topic page: Venezuela
Latin America changes its guard
Democracy and market economy are happily becoming routine - The World in 2011 (1)
A change, of sorts, in Cuba
Sebastián Piñera, president of Chile, looks forward to a transformation of Latin America’s fortunes (3)
Could this be a Latin American decade? (Sep 2010) (6)
Just collecting the rent, really
A suspicious raid on a magazine's offices (3)
A renegotiation of contracts with foreign oil firms backfires (7)
The president survives an uprising by security forces (11)
Indigenous groups turn on Rafael Correa
Topic page: Ecuador
A smaller welcome mat
Second thoughts about a liberal immigration policy (65)
Corruption in Quebec (15)
A right-winger takes over Toronto (29)
The struggles of Michael Ignatieff (35)
Topic page: Canada
Falling kingpins, rising violence
Taking out gang leaders has not quelled the mayhem(12)
Mexican gangs' favourite American gun shops (3)
Can police ever catch up with the narcos? (48)
Map of the gangs' territories Stratfor
Topic page: drug trafficking
So far, so good
One of Latin America’s most troubled nations has its most popular president (1)
The voters opt for “safe change” (17)
Are the ex-guerrillas ready to govern? (15)
Topic page: El Salvador
Also on this channel
Forbidden goods
What to leave at home
An exhibition in Vancouver displays some of the more obvious items that should not be taken onto a plane (2)
Tourism in Latin America
An untapped market
Why doesn’t South America attract more tourists? (21)
Americas view
Our blog on Latin America, the Caribbean and Canada 
What we're reading
Policies won't change when I go
(Financial Times)
An interview with Brazil's central banker

Latin America by the numbers
(New Yorker)
A summary of 2010 in ten figures

Caribbean warmth
Bajans are charming, and as warm as their climate

(New York Times)
Carlos Andrés Pérez, Former President of Venezuela, dies at 88 
The Latinobarómetro poll
The democratic routine
Resilience in the crisis and a robust recovery have brought a sunnier mood More »
Brazil's mining giant
Valuable Vale
Few firms have achieved so much with so little fanfare. But can Vale mine anything other than iron ore? More »
The Brazilian model
Brazil needs to be more innovative to fulfil its promise of being the “country of the future” More »
2011 in person
Dilma Rousseff
A quick look at Brazil's new president More »
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Should the United States be helping Latin American countries with wiretaps unrelated to drug trafficking

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One thing you can always count on Venezuelans for is resourcefulness and creativity to bypass government restrictions. More »SAEBShowing his true colours
Sounds like a good opportunity for the one MLB team that could wriggle around the embargo problem: the Toronto Blue Jays. More »goudreauThe coming brawn drain