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January 2011

Turkey’s Rise on World Stage
Makes Waves in the West
By Larry Luxner
According to Namik Tan, Ankara’s envoy in Washington, the perpetual handwringing over whether the West has somehow “lost” Turkey loses sight of the country’s complexity — and contributions — as an emerging world power. Read More

Photo of Ambassador Namik Tan taken at the Embassy of Turkey by Lawrence Ruggeri.

Shut Out: Embassies Paying Price
For Tighter Banking Regulations
Once the darlings of the banking industry, some embassies are being kicked to the curb by banks reluctant to incur the growing costs of cross-border transactions. Read More
International Affairs
For New Envoy, Miners’ Rescue
Showed Sky’s the Limit for Chile
It wasn’t just the 33 miners who emerged from their underground prison in October to the world’s delight — Ambassador Arturo Fermandois says his own country’s rise from the dark days of dictatorship shows that the sky’s the limit for Chile. Read More
International Affairs
Will Peak Oil Squeeze
World’s Energy Spigot?
Oil doesn’t just fuel most of our cars — it’s the key driver of modern life as we know it. But many experts are now asking: What if we were forced to imagine life without it? Read More

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Keep Mom Alive: Maternal Mortality
In U.S. Worse Than in Many Nations
Where do you think you’d have a better chance of surviving childbirth — in the United States or Bosnia? The answer for American moms, sadly, is not as obvious as you’d think. Read More

January 2011 Special Section
•D.C. Public Schools Bloom With Green Rejuvenation
• Fulbright Exchange Program: As Relavant as Ever

January 2011 Special Section
•What Makes Running a Hotel in Washington Unique?
• Plenty of Powder on Nearby Slopes This Season
• Dead Sea Springs to Life with Modern-Day Tourists
People of World Influence
Journalist Consistently Sheds Light
On Shifting Global Landscape
By Michael Coleman
In an American media landscape that often feels devoid of substantial foreign policy coverage, one name — Fareed Zakaria — fills that void. Read More
WikiLeaks Scandal Blows Hole
In U.S. Diplomacy Worldwide
by Larry Luxner
By exposing a mountain of secret cables not meant for public consumption, WikiLeaks has sparked an avalanche of questions about American diplomacy and if it can emerge from the rubble unscathed. Read More

Detail of The Mother Goddess, one of the 200 artifacts on view in the "Cyprus: Crossroads of Civilizations" exhibit at the National Museum of Natural History.

Busy ‘Crossroads’
“Cyprus: Crossroads of Civilizations” spans 11,000 years of history on this Mediterranean melting pot of European, Asian and African cultures. Read More
Diplomatic Spouses
Russian Outreach
Cultivating Relationships Through Culture Read More
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- Two Exhibits Like Night, Day at Freer, Sackler
- Wüstenroth Winners Capture Post-Socialist Changes
DINING: Food, Wine & Company Has All the Basic Ingredients
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REVIEWS: ‘Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale’ | 'The King’s Speech' | ‘Bhutto’
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