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15 Jun 2006 - 4 May 2013
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For 15 years, DAI has been continuously engaged in meeting the development challenges of the West Bank and Gaza. In 2004, DAI formalized its corporate presence in the West Bank and Gaza by opening DAI Palestine, a Palestinian-registered, Palestinian-run branch of DAI based in Ramallah. Today, we continue to promote the economic and social development of the Palestinian people, building on a solid foundation of flagship projects for donors such as the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the U.K. Department for International Development (DFID), and the World Bank.
The key to our success is Palestinian leadership and technical expertise supported by the global talent, state-of-the-art management systems, and financial resources of the DAI organization. Deeply rooted in the Palestinian Territories, our in-country staff understand the complex historical and political terrain through which they must navigate, so they avoid the pitfalls that bedevil less knowledgeable and experienced firms. We also understand the centrality of economic development to improving Palestinian livelihoods, alleviating poverty, and setting the stage for broader social and political progress. Most important, we have established strong bonds of trust and respect with all of the actors critical to the execution of development projects. We have done this by providing innovative yet practical solutions backed by the kind of professional and responsive project management needed to meet the unique political and economic challenges of the Palestinian context.
Today, DAI Palestine provides an important project management and marketing platform for DAI in the Middle East. We have taken on a new generation of project work, challenging Palestinians to take development into their own hands. DAI remains committed to the notion that in a professionally managed and sensitively executed development context, the West Bank and Gaza offer fertile ground for economic growth and promising terrain for careful investment — both domestic and international. We have upheld that commitment in our own company and our projects continuously for almost 15 years. It is on this foundation that we look forward to vigorous engagement with the Palestinian people in the years to come.
Recent projects:
Financing non-capital expenditure to promote local economic growth and market entry
FNMD is a private sector development initiative funded by DFID and the World Bank under which DAI will serve as a venture capitalist, providing matching funds to help Palestinian businesses diversify their product range and enter new markets locally and internationally. The three-year project provides Palestinian businesses with the capital required to invest in needed knowledge and skills. By sharing risk with the private sector, FNMD will stimulate economic growth and thus increase Palestinians' economic stake in the peace process. DAI ensures that the FNMD captures and distills results detailing the effects of movement and access restrictions on Palestinian businesses. This information will support policy dialogue and serve as a policy resource for the U.K. Government.
Assessing and validating damage to private businesses in Gaza
Under contract to the Palestinian National Authority, DAI is assessing the damage caused to private businesses in the Gaza Strip by the Israeli incursion of December 2008. Creating and staffing a Project Management Unit that uses transparent and efficient processes in line with international best practice, DAI will evaluate the damage to production machinery, office furniture and equipment, and factories and other business premises in Gaza.

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