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Lincoln Journal Star / AP
School Gunman Left Ominous Warning
The teen who killed an assistant principal and himself seemed outgoing but was unhappy at his new school.
Message he posted on Facebook
Elizabeth Edwards' Spouse Not in Will
Document Signed Days Before She Died
Kids, Mom Indicted After Grisly Find
Germany Besieged by Tainted Food
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S&P; 5001271.96-4.6
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You've Got: 'Ultimate' Gift Fergie Gave Dad
He really loves football, so the present surely made his day (or year).
Daybreak: Odd Way to Boost Health
Homeless Man Has 'Golden' Voice
Couple Has 'Twiblings,' Not Twins
Daily Buzz
Ellen Shares Vacation Photos
The host and her wife, Portia, spent the holidays in St. Barts, and they got all the fun on camera.
Family photos of the trip
Slashfood Elizabeth Hait, AOL
Starbucks vs. Dunkin'
Both chains launched new 'healthier' breakfast sandwiches, but which one should you start your morning with?
One tasted like 'fake cheese food'
StyleList Getty Images
Which Star Has More
'Red Carpet Value'?
Lady Gaga never ceases to amaze (and shock) on the carpet, but Lohan's wild year makes her appearances very interesting.
Who we're not excited to see at all
Buster Douglas Does
Hilarious Commercials
The former heavyweight champ has made his way into the art of selling things on TV ... and it's pretty absurd.
You'll cringe at the corniness
DIY LifeCorbis
You Can Clean
Clothes With This
Got greasy work clothes? Pour cola over a load of laundry, and it will break down the grease and make it easy to clean away.
Way to use it in the bathroom
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Behind Taylor Swift's 'Mine'
In Her Own Words
The song was inspired by her tendency to "run from love." Now People's Choice winner explains her favorite part about filming the video. Read Full Story and Watch Taylor Swift's 'Mine'
See Taylor Sing 'Love Story' at Sessions
Hear the Top 10 Country Songs of 2010
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Video: Don't Miss TV
Watch this Touching Reaction As Taylor Swift Surprises Fans
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Unbelievably Active Woman Reaches Milestone Birthday
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Richard Simmons Exercises Host's 'Winter Legs'
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