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Archaeology is Fun
Archaeology is all about adventures and surprises as you dream of the thrill that comes from making a new and exciting discovery  
More ancient statues revealed
Two red granite statuary fragments of King Amenhotep III and the god Hapi have been unearthed on Luxor's west bank

Lights on for Luxor
Luxor’s new west bank lighting system is now operational, providing a dramatic night view of the city's monuments

Back in the limelight
After three and a half millennia, the mummy of Egypt's most famous female ruler has been identified.

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Under the waves
Will Egypt build the first offshore underwater museum?

News from Thebes
A new entrance for Luxor Temple and the reopening of Howard Carter's dig house as a museum are the main events commemorating the 88th anniversary of the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb

Old Cairo's Hanging Church restored
After more than a decade of restoration, the Hanging Church in Old Cairo regains its original lure and allure

The gospel according to Judas
The only known copy of the Gospel of Judas, which casts an unorthodox light on events leading up to the Crucifixion, is returning to Egypt

Mameluke makeover
Three restored Mameluke edifices in Cairo's Sayeda Zeinab district have reopened to the public

Safeguarding Egypt's Islamic Heritage
Although it was stolen three months ago, the theft of the minbar (pulpit) in Qanibay El-Ramah mosque was revived two days ago, creating a conflict between the Ministries of Al-Awqaf (religious endowments) and Culture

More than just a street
Al-Muizz Street is officially opened following its recent rehabilitation, carried out with a view to developing it into an open air museum to showcase the best of Cairo's Islamic art

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