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28 Nov 2010 - 13 Jan 2022
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Thursday, 30 December 2010
Cairo 22-12
Ezz dominates second day of NDP conference
Ahmed Ezz, the NDP's business tycoon and secretary for organisational affairs, launched a scathing attack against both the Muslim Brotherhood and Wafd Party  
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Economy, not politics in NDP conference
NDP won't name 2011 presidential candidate yet
NDP unmoved by wide criticism
Deputy ministry of education kept captive by angry students in Alexandria
The deputy minister escaped with security forces in an ambulance after crowds did not believe his assurances the ministry would not interfere with their school

ElBaradei slams Egypt's "draconian state of emergency"
In a Washington Post editorial, Mohamed ElBaradei says that Egypt is a "ticking bomb dangerously close to exploding"

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Copts emphasized in Mubarak speech
The issue of Coptic-Muslim relations is high on the agenda as top political leaders try to ease recent tensions

NDP won't name 2011 presidential candidate yet
It is too early to name the ruling party's nominee for the 2011 presidential elections, according to Minister Shehab, though few doubt who it will be

Court holds fifth hearing in police torture killing
The criminal court investigating the killing of Khaled Saeed has questioned in its fifth hearing the head of the unit that submitted two contradicting forensic reports on the case

Official results : 16 opposition, 424 NDP, 65 "independents"
The 2010-2015 parliament will have a sweeping NDP majority

"Hire a thug" and other campaign expenditures
The legally imposed limit on campaign spending of LE100,000 is proving little more than wishful thinking, what with the cost of billboards, TV adds and thugs for hire

Mubarak: Despite some irregularities elections were transparent
President Hosni Mubarak hails the NDP for its sweeping majority in the parliamentary elections, as well as the performance of the Higher Council for Elections

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