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Sudan's bitter crop of racist policies
Emad Gad

It is the Sudanese regime's racist policies that persuaded the people of the South to vote for partition and independence from Khartoum

Egypt: a modern civil state
Abdel Moneim Said

I was certainly gratified when President Mubarak underlined the notion of the modern civil state as he addressed the joint session of the People’s Assembly and Shura Council

A new, model parliament (5)
Ahmed Ezz

Electoral malpractices committed in the name of the NDP detracted from the huge efforts made by the party in preparation for the election. These, however, did taint the overall picture of the poll

Why we won, and the Wafd lost (4)
Ahmed Ezz

In the fourth installment of a series of articles, the organizational secretary of the NDP explains why the Wafd won a mere six seats in parliament

More reasons for why we won and the Brotherhood lost (3)
Ahmed Ezz

In the third of a series of articles, the Organizational Secretary of the NDP reveals some of the ruling party's electoral tactics to bring down the Brotherhood.

Why we won, and the Brotherhood lost in 2010 (2)
Ahmed Ezz

In the second of a series of articles, the organizational secretary of the NDP expounds his views on why the ruling party won so dramatically, and the others lost so miserably

Parliament elections, a closer, more considered look (1)
Ahmed Ezz

The NDP has changed and so have the facts on the ground, says the NDP Organizational Secretary, in the first of a series of articles looking into Egypt's political future

Eye on the future
Osama Saraya

President Mubarak’s address to the Egyptian parliament put an end to turbulence that surrounded the recent elections, setting the direction of hard work to follow


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