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Jan. 7, 2011
Updated: 5:21 AM
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Latest tech toys unveiled at show
If there’s a world capital for gee-whiz tech toys this week, it’s the Consumer Electronics Show.
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Wild 3, Bruins 1
Bruins can’t conquer the Wild
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Antibiotic relieves IBS
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Republicans seek repeal
of financial overhaul
A group of Republican lawmakers demanded the repeal of the financial regulatory law, saying the measure is hurting the economy. (Boston Globe)
Shellfishermen digging Dorchester beach
After years of cleanup and testing at Malibu Beach, the state is allowing some harvesting. Chet MacDonald, left, of Natick and Winthrop’s Mike Inacio dug up clams yesterday.
(Boston Globe)
Photos Clams dug up at Dorchester beach
(David L. Ryan/Globe Staff)
Wilkerson receives 3½ years in prison
Brushing aside pleas for mercy, a federal judge sentenced former state Senator Dianne Wilkerson for taking $23,500 in bribes. (Boston Globe)
Video Wilkerson sentenced | Surveillance photos | More
Patrick begins 2d term urging hard work
Declaring the “American dream’’ is at stake, Governor Patrick called on Massachusetts residents and leaders to make the tough decisions necessary to leave the state in better shape for their children. (Boston Globe)
Sentiment mounts to halt parole hearings
Dozens of police chiefs and several state senators blasted the decision to free a criminal who shot and killed a Woburn police officer.​(Boston Globe)
Holidays give Mass. retailers a big lift
Bay State sales surged 7.6 percent, far outpacing projections and the nationwide increase. (Boston Globe)
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DeLeo, Murray might keep tax promise, or not
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A parole bill that deserves a vote
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Readers told us their favorite Chinese eateries
Yvonne Abraham
Insecurity complex
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Robyn, plus more acts coming to town
Cartoon caption contest
Figure skating Bruins? See the winning caption!
Got a diet resolution?
When it comes to diets, the choice is yours
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The most embarrassing Freudian slip you've made
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How do you handle going bald?
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Ballaké Sissoko and Vincent Segal
Theater: Pulitzer- winning 'Ruined'
Cheers: First Friday wine tasting
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Market will stabilize, but don’t expect boom
The Massachusetts housing market will remain stable in 2011, with no dizzying ascents or dramatic drops.
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2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee
Tom Brady of Jeeps
In football terms, the new Grand Cherokee is like Tom Brady rather than Brett Favre — fashion with tough-grit capability.
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Blending teaching
and Judaism
For Shelley Rossman, teaching at the Billy Dalwin Preschool lets her mix a love of education and Judaic curriculum.
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