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08 Jan 2011 - 20 Feb 2017
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A study that launched fear that certain childhood vaccinations can cause autism was labeled a 'fraud' in a medical journal.
Cheryl Wetzstein
2 Md. employees hurt by mailed packages
By Ben Conery
The Washington Times
8:49 p.m., Thursday, January 6, 2011
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Two packages mailed to Maryland state office buildings — one of which was addressed to Gov. Martin O'Malley — detonated Thursday, emitting smoke, a foul odor and sparking a sprawling multiagency investigation aimed at identifying the culprit.
Two state employees suffered minor burns when they opened the packages, requiring minor medical attention.
Maryland State Police spokesman Greg Shipley said the two incidents did not cause any significant damage, but did force 300 state employees to evacuate their offices for about two hours.
Authorities think the two incidents, which took place about 15 minutes apart, are related. They noted that no explosive material was found in either package.
"When both packages were opened, there was a reaction that caused a flash of fire, a brief flash of fire, smoke and a smell," Mr. Shipley said at a news conference. "This is not to be compared with a significant explosion that you think of when you say that word."
Frances Street in Annapolis, Md., is blocked off as officials probe a suspicious package at a state office building Thursday. A similar package was sent to Hanover, Md. (Associated Press)
Mr. Shipley said mailrooms at all state office buildings had been quarantined so investigators could search for other suspicious packages.
Law enforcement officials said late Thursday afternoon they were investigating two other suspicious packages found at a state office building and courthouse in Baltimore. Investigators were not sure if those two were related to the first two.
The first package went off about 12:30 p.m. at the Jeffrey Building on Francis Street near the State House in Annapolis. The state offices there include the mailroom for packages sent to the governor.
The package addressed to Mr. O'Malley was described by authorities as about the size of a book and arrived in an envelope with no return address and five holiday-themed postage stamps.
When an employee opened the package, according to police, it emitted smoke and a sulfurlike smell. The employee singed a finger when opening the package, but refused treatment.
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Ben Conery
Ben Conery is a member of the investigative team covering the Supreme Court and legal affairs. Prior to coming to The Washington Times in 2008, Mr. Conery covered criminal justice and legal affairs for daily newspapers in Connecticut and Massachusetts. He was a 2006 recipient of the New England Newspaper Association's Publick Occurrences Award for a series of articles about ...
2 Md. employees hurt by mailed packages
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nnftwt says:
23 hours, 32 minutes ago
@oldcorps116- Well, in the first place 'proudliberal' is a one-word oxymoron and in the second place just a moron.
oldcorps116 says:
1 day ago
proudliberal1947, you sir are a nut job
ProudLiberal1947 says:
1 day ago
Mr Conery, understanding that you side with the 9-11 Enablers and the 9-11 Engineers, when are you going to investigate why the Corporate approved supreme court is NOT doing its job to protect America and its Citizens. I have never read a questioning article in reference to the WAR CRIMMINAL bush, the connection of his family to the supreme court or the decision of the Justice that mysteriously had all kinds of news worthy illnesses after the corporate approved supreme court appointed president was installed.
You claim you are a ivestigative reporter (hahaha), yet I have read NO challenges and or stories on the COVERUP of the Enablers of 9-11 aka as republicans, nor have there been any investigation to the Engineers of 9-11 and the construction company that was involved. Yet, the 9-11 Enablers and the 9-11 Engineers proudly shout from the roof tops the USS New York built with the Beam and support structures from the twin Towers.
You claim investigative reporter status ,oh yes specialized for the bought and Paid For supreme court.
You do not challenge the lack of the EPA being BARRED from taking air and dust samples under the Penalty of National Security DUH!, no flags huh, Yet you praise the 9-11 ENABLERS and the 9-11 Engineers for getting back into office to finish their job of DESTROYING AMERICA, and you challenge Nothing oh yeah I forgot your specialized.
Oh by the way if you and I doubt it have any balls please research the US CONstitution and converse with some of the supporters haha, this leaves out the 9-11 Enablers think tanks and Universities, going back to the challenge, ask what were the TWO biggest fears the founding Fathers had about the establishment of the Constitution, here I will even help you. ! the establishment of a religion remember their fahters and they were FLEEING religious prosecutiuon, WOW! smart huh1 Nezr the other was CORPORATIONS, yup, corporations were FEARED, HOWEVER in the interest of AMERICA being a DEMOCRACY they allowed BOTH, now go to the OUTSIDE comment on a supreme court justices ruling to see HOW the 9-11 Enablers and the 9-11 Engimeers have twisted and distorted the facts so that some people actually believe that it is part of the ruling.
I will tell you up front I expect you NOT to follow through as you are in a job and it is specialized and the PAY CHECK is more important then the truth and you will not be able to get it through your censorship department you see like the 9-11 ENABLERS you are bought and sold by the 9-11 ENGINEERS.
The proof is the misdirection half truths and ignoring the truth with a kill the delusional messengar attitude, so I do know that you will follow the 9-11 Engineers guide lines.
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