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Democracy and Governance Studies
Current Students
Mohammed Al-Adeeb (third year)
Lara Alameh (third year, part-time)
Danielle Bayar (second year)
Geneve Bergeron (first year)
Shuang Bin (first year)
Colleen Bickel (second year)
Deborah Brown (second year)
Maggie Brown (second year)
Marcelo Buitron (second year)
Sehwan Cheong (second year)
Ayesha Chugh (first year)
Robert Colvin (first year)
Linsey Crisler (first year)
Imara Crooms (first year)
Elizabeth Cutler (second year)
Kevin Dunlevy-Wilson (first year)
Santiago Edwards (first year)
Osama Eisa (second year)
Drew Gripp (first year)
Dan Harper (first year)
Chris Jackson (first year)
David Jandura (second year)
Kitty Kaletsky (second year)
Sookyung Koo (first year)
Jungmin Lee (first year)
Mariel McKone Leonard (second year)
Yuan Li (first year)
Josh Loh (second year)
Liza Prendergast (second year)
Zvisinei Sandi (second year)
Patrick Sell (first year)
Daniel Steiman (first year)
Meg Stringer (second year)
Samuel Tadros (second year)
Guillermo Vallejo (third year, part-time)
Stephany Warner (first year)
Mohammed Al-Adeeb
B.S. Electrical Engineering and Materials Engineering, University of California - Berkeley
Interests: Theory, comparative government
Languages: Arabic, Spanish
Lara Alameh
B.A. Middle East Studies, George Washington University
Interests: Middle East, accountability and alternation of power
Languages: Arabic
Danielle Bayar
B.A. Political Science, Vassar College
Interests: Democracy and good governance in post-conflict environments, civil society development, combatting corruption, relationships between economic and political development, humanitarian assistance, Russia and Central Asia, Afghanistan
Languages: Russian, French, Dari
Genève Bergeron
B.A. Government, Georgetown University
Interests: Philosophy of governance, roots of American democracy, civil society
Languages: Arabic
Colleen Bickel
B.A. Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell University
Interests: African Development, Refugee and Humanitarian Emergencies
Shuang Bin
Philosophy, Wuhan University (China)
Interests: China, Singapore and South America
Languages: Chinese, English, some German and Korean
Deborah Brown
B.A. Political Science/Human Rights, Barnard College, Columbia University
Interests: Electoral Systems, Civil Society in the Middle East
Languages: French, Arabic
Maggie Brown
B.A. Politics, The Catholic University of America
Interests: Theory, comparative systems, religion and democracy, government and culture
Languages: French
Marcelo Buitron
B.A. Political Science and Economics, Vassar College
Interests: Transitions from authoritarian rule, political economy, electoral systems and Latin America
Languages: Spanish, Italian
Sehwan Cheong
B.A. Political Science, Economics, and Finance, Hanyang University (Seoul)
Interests: economic and political reforms
Languages: Korean
Ayesha Chugh
B.A. Political Science, Scripps College
Interests: Political and Institutional Development, Civil Society and Democracy in South Asia. The intersections of race, religion, class and gender in contexts of political and institutional change, development, and democratization.
Languages: Hindi, French
Robert Colvin
B.A. Political Science and History, Washington University in St. Louis
Interests: Role of non-state actors in governance, failed states, corruption, Middle East
Languages: Arabic, Japanese
Linsey Crisler
B.A. Political Science, Brigham Young University
Interests: developing countries and religion
Languages: Spanish
Imara Crooms
B.A. Political Science, Rutgers
Interests: Conflict Resolution, Latin America, International Institutions & Strategic Studies
Languages: Spanish, Mandarin
Elizabeth Cutler
B.A. Politics, Occidental College
Interests: Civil society, U.S. foreign policy and foreign aid, the people and processes of foreign aid and democracy assistance, media and politics, campaigns and elections
Languages: Spanish
Kevin Dunlevy-Wilson
B.A. Political Science, Colorado State University
Interests: Emerging systems of federalism, development assistance, political theory
Languages: Spanish
Santiago Edwards
B.A. Political Science, Universidad Diego Portales
Interests: Democracy, Governance and Institutions. Electoral systems, electoral behavior and democratic reforms.
Languages: Spanish, still much to learn in English, and some French.
Osama Eisa
B.A. Political Science and History, Rochester Institute of Technology
Interests: Advocacy of a proper Islamic Democracy and understanding where abstract ideas meet practical realities
Languages: Arabic, Japanese
Drew Gripp
B.A. International Relations, University of Delaware
Interests: Religion, U.S. Foreign Policy/Democracy Promotion, the Middle East
Languages: German, some Arabic
Dan Harper
B.A. Political Science, University of Delaware
Interests: Southeast Asia, The Middle East, American Policy
Languages: Spanish, Arabic
Chris Jackson
B.A. Government and Politics, University of Maryland - College Park
Interests: Asia-World Relations, China
Languages: Italian
David Jandura
B.A. Political Science, North Carolina State University
Interests: Political economy, electoral systems, democratic transitions, political parties, the Middle East and Africa
Languages: Arabic, French
Kitty Kaletsky
English Literature, Oxford University
Interests: political journalism and government
Languages: French
Sookyung Koo
Political Science, Ewha Womans University (Korea)
Interests: Democracy building in North Korea, the role of media in democracy, the association of famine to democracy (regime type), democratic waves in rural/urban China
Languages: Korean
Jungmin Lee
Political Science and Diplomacy, Pukyong National University (Korea)
Interests: Social welfare system, democratization
Languages: Korean
Mariel McKone Leonard
B.A. International Relations and Religion, College of William & Mary
Interests: state-civil society interaction, technology, economic development, sub-Saharan Africa
Languages: French
Yuan Li
Radio and Television, Communication University of China
Interests: Democracy and civil society
Languages: Chinese
Josh Loh
B.A. History, Brown University
J.D. Washington and Lee School of Law
Interests: The role of democracy in counterinsurgency
Languages: Japanese
Liza Prendergast
B.A. History, The George Washington University
Interests: Conflict Mitigation/Reconciliation, the Near East and Southeast Europe Regions
Languages: French
Zvisinei Sandi
Political Philosophy, University of Zimbabwe
Interests: African development and politics, human rights, journalism, democracy promotion
Languages: Shona, French
Patrick Sell
B.A. Political Science, University of Florida
Interests: History of Democracies, Diplomacy, Development
Languages: Spanish
Daniel Steiman
B.A. Political Science, Bucknell University
Interests: History and Theories of Democracy and Democratization
Meg Stringer
B.A. Sociology, Hamilton College
Interests: Women's Empowerment/Leadership and Behavior Change
Languages: Japanese, French
Samuel Tadros
Political Science with a concentration on International Relations, The American University in Cairo
Interests: Democratization
Languages: Arabic, German
Guillermo Vallejo
B.A. Political Science, Loyola University Chicago
Interests: Human rights, constitutional frameworks
Languages: Spanish, Italian
Stephany Warner
B.A. Political Science and English, SUNY Binghamton
Interests: The impact of religion on civil society and governance
Languages: Spanish, Arabic
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