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18 January 2011 Last updated at 17:10 ET
Facebook U-turns on data sharing
Plans to allow external websites to get access to users' mobile number and address are being revised by the social networking giant.
2010, the year that privacy died?
Should parents 'friend' their children on Facebook?
'Road train' trials get rolling
Technology that links vehicles together into semi-autonomous 'road trains' undergoes its first real world tests in Sweden.
Google tests 'intelligent' cars
How far will an electric car go?
Hi-tech drives the future of cars
'Road trains' get ready to roll
Apple makes record $6bn profits
Apple made record profits and revenues in the run-up to Christmas, but the company's statement makes no mention of boss Steve Jobs' health problems
Profile: Apple's Steve Jobs
Profile: Apple's Tim Cook
Shock over Steve Jobs' leave
Apple boss takes 'medical leave'
Galileo price rises 1.9bn euros
Risks of cyber war 'over-hyped'
£98 PCs target UK digital divide
'Euro-GPS' boss falls in Wiki row
Wikipedia 'too tough for many'
Anonymous urges global protests
Test looms for net address scheme
Sony takes PS3 hackers to court
Also in the News
Flying telescope's first unique results
Pioneering Edsac computer to be rebuilt
Expert Views
dot.Rory - Technology revealed
The wiki way
Wikipedia: Innovation without profit?
Twitter proves its worth in a weekend
Spotify: 'We haven't given up on the US yet'
dot. Maggie - Silicon Valley view
Flying in the snow?
'Star Wars' tech to keep pilots airborne
The end of Facebook?
CES: the gadget jamboree
Special Reports
Connected Africa
How the net is changing the face of East Africa
More Special Reports:
The Technology of Business
Broadband Britain
More from Technology
Why record golf drive stands unbeaten
Why has technology not made breaking the 35-year old record much easier?
Who is watching you on CCTV?
Hack opens up Microsoft Kinect
Digital Planet
YouTube movie nearing completion
A film made up entirely of clips uploaded to YouTube is almost ready for its premiere
Life goes online after death
Printing objects in the home
The World after Wikileaks
'This is democracy's Napster moment', says regular commentator Bill Thompson
The birth of a UK tech giant
The rights and wrongs of digital books
Tech Know
Cosplay: From screen to stage
Tech Know meets the 'cosplayers' who make and wear costumes from video games
The sweet sound of the shred
Hacking everyday objects
Features & Analysis
The town that 'did not exist'
How volunteers finally put a Kenyan slum town of 170,000 on the map
Apple anxiety
Shock over Steve Jobs' medical leave
Facebook teaching
How schools can use social media to engage pupils
Situations vacant
Is it time for job seekers to tear up the CV and go online?
1,000mph car
The serious business of building the car begins
'Life changer'
The impact of broadband on a remote Scottish town NEWSBEAT
Carry out
Should you be able to choose your own work computer?
Elsewhere on the BBC
All aboard!
BBC Travel visits the RMS Queen Mary - a floating hotel twice the size of the Titanic
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From Technology in the last week
Apple boss takes 'medical leave'
Wikipedia 'too tough for many'
Wikipedia 'too tough for many'
Wikipedia 'too tough for many'
Pioneering computer to be rebuilt
Digital Planet
Did social media bring about social change in Tunisia? Evgeny Morozov gives his view.
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