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Yet more libel reform
by Kevin Marsh
In case there's anyone out there who's anxious about libel reform - you will be,...

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Evangelists v sceptics: where do you stand on social media?
by Philippa Thomas
Journalists like nothing better than to talk about themselves. But this has gone beyond us. There's a battle out there about the role of social...

How the papers over-egged BBC cuts reports
by Torin Douglas
Devil and Detail 3: An occasional series highlighting stories that are not all they seem. With all due respect to MediaGuardian, I don't think it...

A quizzical look at language
by Simon Ford

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Video: The Future of Media Policy
Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt MP joined Raymond Snoddy at the LSE for a Media Society/POLIS event on the future of media policy.
The subject of Sky was off limits - but not local TV, the British Film Council, the BBC, the licence fee and S4C.
Watch the hour-long discussion including questions.
Video: Economy and Business in 2011
Watch BBC Economics Editor Stephanie Flanders, BBC Business Editor Robert Peston and Simon Gompertz, the BBC's personal finance reporter, giving a Journalism Programme lunchtime seminar looking ahead to the main trends and likely stories of 2011.
They assessed the impact of the downturn, bankers' bonuses, interest rates and inflation, and what these will mean for business and economics coverage over the next 12 months.

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