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Page last updated at 18:38 GMT, Monday, 26 January 2009
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The Met Office
The data for the BBC Weather Centre website comes from the Met Office.
The Met Office provides automatic data feeds to BBC Weather, round the clock and 365 days a year.
We provide forecast data for approximately 4000 locations around the world including a 24 hour forecast for over 300 locations in the UK. We also provide graphical forecasts on maps for all around the world.
The forecast is produced automatically by the Met Office's supercomputer, with quality control of the five day outlook and detailed forecasts for today and tomorrow carried out at the Met Office Operations Centre.
A full update of location forecasts are received from the Met Office twice a day at 07:30 and 19:30 GMT, however if there is a significant change to the weather (for example, a front moving faster or slower than the previous model run) the Met Office will issue updates in between these times. Once processed by BBC servers these files are uploaded to the BBC Weather website, Red Button and BBC Mobile services as well as being available for TV broadcasts.
The forecast information you see on maps is updated four times a day (forecast for the next two days) in the UK or twice a day (days 3-5 in the UK and all five days for non-UK locations).
Further quality control of the data can be carried out by the Duty Forecaster at BBC Weather Centre. Any changes made are sent to all of our outputs every half-hour, so the data you see on the website is the same as that you see on TV.
If you have any comments or views on the data supplied by the Met Office you can find contact details on the Met Office feedback page

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