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11 Aug 2010 - 29 Apr 2011
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Suggest a feature for Google News
Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback about Google News. While we can't send a personal response to every message we receive, we value your suggestions and will keep it in mind as we work to improve Google News.
If you have additional questions about Google News, we encourage you to check out the Google News Help Forum, where our users, publishers, and Google guides share helpful tips and expertise.
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Filter out articles from specific news sites
Read only articles from specific news sites
Add more than 20 custom sections
Sharing and engaging
Share news with friends
Vote on news stories
Follow friends' custom section
Helpful additions
Highlight breaking news
Include more news videos
Include more citizen journalism
Separate science and technology sections
Add an Environment section
Mark articles as read or unread
Integration with other Google services
Google Talk - discuss articles with your Gmail contacts
Maps - show locations mentioned in the story

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Custom sections for Science & Technology news
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