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24 Apr 2008 - 11 Apr 2021
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Our work in the Middle East & North Africa
The BBC World Service Trust's work in the Middle East and North Africa spans many diverse areas of media output, including radio, television, print and online. We focus on supporting aspiring media professionals, the profession and their organisations to produce compelling output of the highest international standard.
This support includes:
Organising media events and networking opportunities
Technical support
Infrastructure development.
More about our work in the Middle East
Regional projects
Socially responsible media platforms in the Arab world
Projects by country
We are currently working in Iran, Iraq and the Palestinian Territories.
In the past, we have worked in Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Jordon, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Yemen. More
Where we work
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More about our work in the Middle East and North Africa
Our work in Iran
Our work in Iraq
Our work in the Palestinian Territories
Creating socially responsible media platforms in the Arab world
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