26 Jan 2011
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Australian Open day nine as it happened
By Pranav Soneji
1132: Before I go, a quick correction - Andy Murray is ranked fifth not fourth, so it would not be an top-four semi-final match-up. That's the sound of the back of my hand hitting my forehand. And on that note, I'm sneaking out of the back door.
1129: A reminder that Andy Murray's quarter-final clash with Alexandr Dolgopolov will be on BBC TWO, Red Button, BBC 5 live sports extra and the BBC Sport website. Absolutely no excuse. That's us done for the day, join Piers Newbery for the start of day 10 from midnight...
1123: So once against Djokovic and Federer meet for the second successive Grand Slam. Their previous encounter saw the Serb beat the Swiss 5-7 6-1 5-7 6-2 7-5 at the US Open. However, his career record is won six in 19 encounters against the four-time Australian Open champion. Tough ask, especially the form Federer is in at the moment. But what a match-up - potentially complemented by a Nadal-Murray last-four match-up.
1118:Third seed Novak Djokovic:"I was trying to change the pace and put him out of his comfort zone. I needed to put variety into the game. Second set I was lucky to win the tie-break. I had problems with the lens [during the second set], it sometimes gets dry but it all got solved."

Novak Djokovic beats Tomas Berdych 6-1 7-6 (7-5) 6-1

Djokovic* 6-1 7-6 (7-5) 6-1 Berdych
Boom goes the ace as the Serbian flags wave triumphantly in the stands at 0-30. Three match points follows, only for the third seed to fire a double-handed backhand into the net. But he makes no mistake second time around with a service winner - and there it is - Novak Djokovic will play defending champion Roger Federer in the semi-finals of the Australian Open.

Djokovic* 6-1 7-6 (7-5) 5-1 Berdych
Djoko moves to 0-30 with a backhand winner down the line and he earns two more break points at 15-40 as Berdych begins to wilt. A huge fist pump indicates the game is pretty much over for the Czech sixth seed, who cannot lay sufficient racquet to respond to Djoko's ferocious forehand on the run.
Gaminder on Twitter: "Federer V Djokovic repeat of the awesome US open semis, unless there is an unlikely comeback"
Djokovic 6-1 7-6 (7-5) 4-1 Berdych*
A bit of info from BBC 5 live's David Law at Melbourne Park. Turns out the "Berdy Army" are a bunch of Aussies who have been following Tomas for the past five years. Bizarre, but intriguing nonetheless. Their man is under the cosh as he successfully challenges a Djoko ace which would have given him the game and a three-game lead. Instead, Berdych plays an incredible squash shot down the line to take the game to deuce. But Djoko is not too perturbed - drilling two sizzling forehands which are too hot for the Czech to handle. So a Djoko-Fed semi-final is on the cards at this very moment in time.
From Dan, via text 81111: "I told you Djok would win in 3!! Well actually I didn't tell you, I'm telling you now. Consider yourself told Pranav."
Djokovic* 6-1 7-6 (7-5) 3-1 Berdych
A 22-shot rally comes to an end when Djokovic plays a sublime topspin cross-court winner from an acute angle. A 15-30 window opens up for the third seed with a wonderful backhand down the line which his opponent sends into the net. And the Serb earns his first break point of the set - his seventh of the match - with a precise service return at Berdych's toes. However, the sixth seed takes a leaf from his opponent's book with a series of muscular forehands for deuce. But Djokovic resounds like a couple of unbelievable forehands for his eighth break point - duly converted as Berdych slams his return into the net. The momentum is well and truly with the Serb.
Djokovic 6-1 7-6 (7-5) 2-1 Berdych*
Djoko serves up a gimme of a second serve, allowing Berdych to hammer a forehand winner down the line at 30-30. But a gritty riposte from Djokovic, who sends down an ace - unsuccessfully challenged by his opponent - to regain the lead. Berdych can't believe it though, he was absolutely adamant that ball was beyond the line.

From Sam, Burnley, via text 81111: "Berdych's chance has gone there....although Djoko has had problems all over his body, his eye, groin, shoulder...that could be when he makes bad shots though."
Djokovic* 6-1 7-6 (7-5) 1-1 Berdych
Berdych's first serve - when it has been on song - has been awesome. Plenty of juice on show as he bullies his way to a 40-0 but he sends down his fifth double fault. However, all that is forgotten as the Czech levels with the next point.

Djokovic 6-1 7-6 (7-5) 1-0 Berdych*
Losing that second set will be a sickening blow for Berdych, who fought so resiliently after his first-set caning. He has plenty of heart though, levelling at 30-30 but world number three Djokovic is just so consistent, sending down two solid serves to take a 1-0, third-set lead.
Djokovic* 6-1 7-6 (7-5) Berdych
Superb ace down the line for Djoko for a 5-2 lead - only for Berdych to replicate the same serve from the next point. And the Czech slams down another ace to reduce the arrears to one point at 5-4. The pressure is rammed back on Djoko's shoulders, even more so as Tomas Berdych plays a sublime cross-court forehand winner on the run at 5-5. The Barmy Army are loving it. But a huge slice of misfortune for the giant sixth seed when what looks like a forehand winner down the line clips the net, diverting its path out of the court, handing Djokovic set point. And the Serb is handed the winning point when Berdych sends a double-handed forehand wide. Djokovic leads 2-0.
Djokovic 6-1 6-6 (4-2) Berdych*
A superb first serve allows Djokovic to take a 2-1 mini-break before slamming an Agassi-like service return which his opponent sends wide for a 3-1 lead. Djoko is starting to dictate the rallies as another unforced error sees the Serb lead 4-2 at the changeover.
Djokovic 6-1 6-6 Berdych*
Excellent service game from Djoko, opening up a 40-0 lead but Berdych responds with a backhand down the line winner. But it's tie-break time as Berdych sends a return into the net.
Djokovic* 6-1 5-6 Berdych
Berdych loses a couple of challenges before slamming a backhand into the net at 30-30, but dictates an excellent rally, taking Djoko out of the point with a precise forehand before sealing the game from the next point. "Very finely poised" says BBC 5 live sports extra summariser Jeremy Bates.
From Anon, via text 81111: "Berdych HAS to win this set. No matter how good he is, to fight back against Novak from 2 sets down would be too much for the Berd (unless Djoko gets seriously injured or goes blind God forbid!). Huge service for the Berd coming up!"
Djokovic 6-1 5-5 Berdych*
Apologies, I did of course mean a vial of liquid, rather than a vile a couple of games back. Anyone ever seen a vile of liquid? Sounds truly...evil. Screaming backhand winner down the line from Berdych to lead 15-30, but he squanders his opportunity with an overhit cross-court forehand. Djoko slams down a 204kmph ace down the middle before sealing the game as Berdych overhits a service return. Can't call which way this is going...
Djokovic* 6-1 4-5 Berdych
The Berd double faults at 30-15 and Djokovic capitalises to level with a whippy forehand winner on the run down the line. But Berdych - whose second serve has been weak so far - makes a rudimentary forehand error at 40-30 and looks thoroughly frustrated. However, a fluent wide serve to Djoko's forehand and a long return ensures Berdych leads the second set once more.
Djokovic 6-1 4-4 Berdych*
A rejuvenated Djoko cruises to a 40-0, but spirited resolve from Berdych at the baseline sees him claw the game back to deuce with a superb service return right at the third seed's toes. Back and forth go the rallies, along with the deuces, and Djokovic - who is bouncing the ball about 15 times before every serve - holds on and levels the match for a right ol' humdinger of a finish to this topsy-turvy of a second set.
Djokovic* 6-1 3-4 Berdych
Berdych slams a forehand volley at the net to haul back a 15-30 window for Djoko, whose forehand has gone AWOL after bossing the first set. However, Novak takes the game to deuce before earning a break point with an outrageous topspin lob winner down the line. And after putting the mockers on Djoko's forehand, the third seed slams a superb forehand winner past Berdych at the net to break back. Cue lots of fist pumps. Meanwhile, a vial of liquid has made its way to Djoko, who is squirting something into his right eye. And the roof is completely closed now.
Djokovic 6-1 2-4 Berdych*
Inopportune moment for Djoko as he sends down his first double fault for 30-30. But more positive intent from the third seed, who takes the next two points with good long first serves, not allowing his opponent to seize anything.
Djokovic* 6-1 1-4 Berdych
The retractable roof is being moved to cover the Rod Laver Arena, looks like rain is imminent. A close-up shows Djoko rubbing his left eye at 40-0 but the Serb responds with a quite sensational forehand return. But the resurgent Berdych - buoyed by his section of crazy compatriots - seals a three-game lead from the next point.
Djokovic 6-1 1-3 Berdych*
A window of opportunity for Berdych at 0-30 before a booming inside-out forehand earns the Czech three break points - his first in the match - converted at the second attempt as Djoko slams a forehand into the net. Something is clearly not right with the third seed.
From Dan, via text 81111: "I'm not at Southampton Uni, but I sure don't have a big enough wedge to wager on T-Berd and live off the winnings!!"
Djokovic* 6-1 1-2 Berdych
Djokovic sends down a long forehand at 30-0 but signals as if he has been dazed by something, judging his hand gestures around his eyes. He has struggled with his contact lenses on court before. Djoko unleashes a torrent of angry Serbo-Croat words admonishing an unforced error - and whatever he said, it clearly has had the right effect because he edges an excellent rally to push to deuce. The Berd manages to make his first serve count to regain the lead before taking the game following another long rally. There is some seriously impressive tennis being played on Rod Laver right now.
Djokovic 6-1 1-1 Berdych*
A window of opportunity for Berdych to break at 15-30 as Djoko slams a wide forehand into the net, but the third seed is a resilient character, once again banking on his forehand to get him out of trouble and level at 1-1.
Djokovic* 6-1 0-1 Berdych
Djoko's tennis near on sublime right now, sending down a return right at his opponent's toes as he attempts to charge to the net at 15-30. Berdych looks brow-beaten as the Serb's forehand to all corners pummels two more break points, but squanders one with an unforced backhand error. But excellent riposte from Berdych, sending down a 207kmph wide of Djoko's backhand to claw his way back to deuce before nailing the first game of the second with a solid forehand on the run.
From Anon, via text 81111: "Berdych is beating himself with the amount of faults he is doing, it seems he loses every second serve."
Djokovic 6-1 Berdych*
Djokovic sends down his third ace to set up two set points - and inevitably he wraps it up with a cross-court forehand. A 36-minute demolition. Impressive. Berdych's Barmy Army are not in such fine voice right now.
Notes NEXT to serve
0917: Berdych double faults at game point at deuce, allowing Djokovic to earn his fourth break point of the set - and the Serb seals the game with another booming forehand. It's 5-1 to the erb and I'm going game-by-game...
From Rupert, via text 81111: "I'm also in Southampton Uni library trying to revise, but not much of that happening at the moment! I have money on Berdych for the title, but if he wins ill be so rich i wont need a career, right...?"
0910: Plenty of texts coming in about Berdych's shirt - a custard yellow effort not too dissimilar to the ballboys and girls. "Maybe he's planning a little hide and seek, although there's no hiding from Djovokic's forehand at the moment" says Ben in Brighton - and he has a point, although Djoko's backhand down the line is well-oiled too. However, the Serb is taken to deuce but an unforced backhand error from Berdych hands Djokovic a 4-1 lead.
From Alina in Leicester, via text 81111: "Having the most useless day ever - hopefully Djokovic can destroy Berdych in three ... I'm in a bit of a 'show no mercy' mood."
0904: Tomas Berdych's Barmy Army are in their element on Rod Laver, semi-naked (top-half mind) with the red, white and blue of the Czech flag smeared all over their torsos and belting out what sounds like Duck Sauce's "Barbra Streisand" or KC and the Sunshine Band's "That's the way I like it". Djoko is really winding up his expansive forehand in Berdych's second game, wrong-footing the sixth seed to level at 30-30. The atmosphere is perpetually punctuated by the squeaking of Djoko's trainers as he retrieves Berdych's serve, returning with gusto as he earns two break points. After four deuces, Djoko earns this third - and converts it with a sublime cross-court forehand as Berdych's approach shot at the net is too short. 3-1 Djokovic leads.
@DiscoStew1 on Twitter: "Whilst we have been raving about the big 4, Berdych has been quietly moving through the rounds - Berdych in 4 sets for me..."

0847: Djoko's wins his first service game to love, his serve is as smooth as a sheet of steel. Meanwhile Berdych is complaining about what could possibly the Spidercam, the huge thing on wire which swings across the Rod Laver Arena. This is the sixth seed's first evening game in Melbourne.
From Ed in Southampton Uni library, trying to revise, via text 81111: "T Berd to win in 4, he better he's my bet for the title. After Andy of course..."
0839: So what are Tomas and Novak playing for? A semi-final encounter against defending champion Roger Federer, who demolished Swiss compatriot Stanislas Wawrinka 6-1 6-3 6-3 earlier today. However, both men also have beaten Federer in Grand Slam semi-finals last year - Djokovic in New York and Berdych at Wimbledon.
0834: We could well be in for a five-setter here - these two have only dropped one set on the way to the last-eight. But on current form I would have to say Djoko edges this - but it's pretty difficult to dismiss sixth-seed Berdych after his phenomenal year in 2010. How's about that for some class-A fence-sitting?
dehumanised on Twitter: "Any predictions for the night match, Pranav? I'm going to say Berdych in five."
0827: So all you head-to-head fans, time to reel out the stats for this fascinating East European match-up. From five matches, Berdych has won only one in five previous encounters. That victory, a straight sets effort, was at Wimbledon last year in the semi-finals, their only meeting in Grand Slams. An omen? Errrr, possibly...
0815: Morning team, Piers has left the building for a round of well-deserved zzzs, so I shall take you through the final match of the day between Novak Djokovic and Tomas Berdych, which takes place at 0830 on Rod Laver Arena.
By Piers Newbery
mihir_h on Twitter: "Schiavone may have gone out today but she has earned lots of fans including me. What a fighter"
0642: OK, we all need a breather after that. Well, I do, so we're going to take a break before returning at 0830 GMT for the late match - Novak Djokovic v Tomas Berdych, which will be live on the Red Button, 5 live and this website. Time for about 20 winks.
0630: World number one Caroline Wozniacki finally, finally beats Francesca Schiavone 3-6 6-3 6-3 after an amazing match, the Italian sending a backhand a fraction wide on match point and Hawkeye confirming it. Another two hours and 23 minutes under the Italian's belt.
alex_willis on Twitter: "If I could choose any player to play tennis like, it would be Schiavone. Could anyone fight more?"
0625: In an absolutely incredible game, Schiavone saves three match points and gets one of the breaks back. The crowd are on their feet and after taking 4hrs 44mins to win her last match, the Italian is still going after 2hrs 19mins here. She trails 5-3 in the decider.
0616: A brilliant improvised defensive lob loops over Schiavone on break point and earns Wozniacki a double break, and she will serve for the match at 5-2 in the third.
0613: If you are just emerging into the bright new dawn/pitch darkness, you might have missed the news that Andy Murray v Alexandr Dolgopolov has been scheduled for the Aussie day session on Wednesday. It will follow two women's matches and could be on around 0300-0400 GMT. It will be live on BBC TV, the website and 5 live. Head here and we'll sort you out.
0609: Wozniacki edges closer by holding for 4-2, but is anyone going to rule out Schiavone? And she's 30 years old, you know. Amazing how she gets about.
0600: We look to be on course for another trade of breaks but Wozniacki sees off a break point to hold for 3-1 in the final set.
0548: And Schiavone breaks back to love for 1-1. It's anyone's guess, this one....
0545: Schiavone returns from a comfort break before the final set but soon finds herself break point down, and this time when she approaches the net she steers the volley wide. It's 1-0 with a break to Wozniacki in the decider.
0538: A fifth successive game goes to Wozniacki as she levels it up 3-6 6-3 and a first Grand Slam semi outside of New York is still a possibility.
0535: Wozniacki shows that she knows a bit about fighting too as she angles away a forehand volley to break again for 5-3 and make it four games in a row. Schiavone has a chunter to her supporters and she might finally be feeling it out there.
Andrea Petkovic on Twitter: "Na Li was too good today, guys. What can I say? But: Aren't you excited for the newest Petkorazzi? I am! So looking forward being back on court!"
0526: Wozniacki gets a welcome boost as Schiavone drops serve to love after blazing a drive-volley out, and it's 3-3 in the second.
0517: Schiavone is grimacing and grunting and fighting her way towards what would be a remarkable victory here, holding serve to lead Wozniacki 6-4 3-1.
0510: Schiavone gets a bit of luck with a net cord but it takes her to 0-40, and Wozniacki puts a backhand wide on the second break point. She's in big trouble now, and the trainer is back on. Schiavone leads 6-4 2-1.
0507: There will be high-fiving and back-slapping among the massed ranks of the LTA on Court 18 as George Morgan defeats Jae Hwan Kim 7-5 6-4 in the second round of the boys' singles. Good stuff.
0505: Wozniacki returns with her upper left leg heavily strapped but she holds serve in the opening game of the second set, and looks to be playing a bit better. All players who have medical timeouts play better afterwards, in the same way that all football teams reduced to 10 men play better. The unwritten rules of sport. Schiavone remains unbowed and levels at 1-1 in the second.
0456: Wozniacki has headed off for a bit or privacy during her medical timeout. Meanwhile, Schiavone has a contemplative sit down before getting up for a little jog around. I might do the same....
0451: Oh dear. Schiavone slices a backhand about halfway up the net and it's 15-40, but Wozniacki nets both returns and slams her racquet on the ground. It's hardly vintage stuff but it's certainly engrossing. Another break point is fended off before the Italian plays a brilliant serve-volley for set point.... and she's called for a foot-fault when the serve looked to be a winner! No matter, she steals in on the next point and guides a backhand volley into the corner. Amazing stuff.
0445: After saving three break points in successive games, Schiavone turns the tables and converts her very first chance when Wozniacki nets a forehand. Judging by the noises emanating from the Italian, it's hard going, but she will serve for the set at 5-3, and it's the Dane who appears to have called for the trainer at the next changeover.
Times correspondent Neil Harman on Twitter: "A preponderance of suits and ties in the seats around Court 18 tells you just one thing - a British junior is on court."
0431: George Morgan does the business at the second time of asking and wraps up the first set 7-5 against Kim. Wozniacki is holding easily and it's 3-3 on Laver.
chicaratamura on Twitter: "Been a fan of caro for ever, keep wanting her to win a slam, but frank deserves this after sunday's marathon. my heart is torn."
0422: Wozniacki misses an early break point and Schiavone is already up to six unforced errors, but despite the inevitable fatigue the Italian is holding her own at 2-2. This is a huge match for Wozniacki, who can not only reach her third Grand Slam semi but also guarantee she stays at number after the Aussie Ooen if she wins today. Over on 18, Morgan is broken when serving for the set and it's 5-5.
Neutral fan, wide awake at 4am (for now), via text: "Nice job Roger, shame for Stan. Now... COME ON FRANCESCA!!!"
Stanislas Wawrinka on Twitter: "Lost 61 63 63....Too good for me today...."
0412: Schiavone holds serve in the opener on Laver, which is an achievement in itself following her record 4hr 44min win over Kuznetsova in the previous round. Wozniacki has spent just over 5½ hours on court in Melbourne, while Schiavone has been out there for 11 hours. Woz levels for 1-1.
0407: In all the excitement I didn't notice British junior George Morgan sneaking onto Court 18, and he's 4-4 against Jae Hwan Kim of Korea. George is the fourth seed and won the prestigious Orange Bowl in Florida at the end of last year. May I be the first to demand that he wins Wimbledon. Thank you.
0400: Oi! I can see you sneaking off to bed, not so fast! World number one Caroline Wozniacki and French Open champion Francesca Schiavone are out on a sun-drenched Rod Laver Arena, ready to battle for the right to face Li Na in the semis. There's no point in going to sleep now anyway, you'll only make yourself feel worse when you have to get up. Push on!
From anon via text: "Based on this display i find it very difficult to see who could stop fed at least getting to the final. If murray could get there too, it would be a cracker! "
0349: Roger Federer - "I needed a good performance, I've played Stan many times in matches or practice so there were no real secrets out there. The start was crucial, I think it was a bit of a battle for him to get used to the conditions after two matches at night. I'm very happy with the way I played, I was able to mix it up, but it wasn't easy and Stan played an amazing tournament." And on serving at 77% for the match, he added: "When its clicking it's a good felling and I don't ask too many questions."
Federer 6-1 6-3 6-3 Wawrinka
Maybe, just maybe.... the crowd gets a little excited when Federer falls to 0-30 but the champion plays a brilliant, brave half-volley forehand into the corner to get one of the points back and a big serve makes it 30-30. Wawrinka nets a backhand and it's match point.... and he nets a mid-court forehand. Whoops. Wawrinka has a chance to make a backhand pass on the next point but puts it wide, match point number two... and Stan shanks a backhand. A brilliant performance from Federer, a humbling day for Wawrinka.
* Federer 6-1 6-3 5-3 Wawrinka
Wawrinka keeps his man honest by holding serve, sealing it with a fine backhand, and it's up to Federer to serve this one out. Can he handle the pressure? I would imagine he can.
Federer 6-1 6-3 5-2 Wawrinka *
Wawrinka steps in and crunches a cross-court backhand for 15-15 but again Federer stamps on the potential uprising with some big serving. A beautifully lazy smash into the corner seals the game.
From Stan Fan via text: "Aw, i think Roger has now not only broken Stan's serve but he's broken him mentally now too. Shame for Stan but he's played his part in a great match. Got to feel for the poor guy."
* Federer 6-1 6-3 4-2 Wawrinka
Wawrinka hits his first ace of the day to get to 40-0 and then wins another slightly exhibition-style rally at the net to take the game.
Federer 6-1 6-3 4-1 Wawrinka *
Federer holds very easily. How's that for concise?
0325: Quick schedule update, Muray v Dolgopolov will be third on Rod Laver on Wednesday after two women's matches, so guessing some time after 0300 GMT. BBC Coverage details will follow later but it will be on the Red Button, website and 5 live, and probably BBC Two.
* Federer 6-1 6-3 3-1 Wawrinka
A Wawrinka hold gets a decent cheer as the crowd realises this could all be over fairly swiftly, but Stan almost lets a 40-0 lead slip and doesn't look like a man ready to launch one of the all-time comebacks.
Federer 6-1 6-3 3-0 Wawrinka *
Slow down, Rog! Some of us have got to scribble this down. Federer holds to 15 and Stan looks like he could really do without this now.
* Federer 6-1 6-3 2-0 Wawrinka
Federer rushes the net to force an error at 15-15 before Wawrinka pulls a forehand into the net to offer up two break points... and Rog grabs the second with a forehand swiped down the line. Stan smashes his racquet into a twisted mess of graphite and string. Or whatever they make tennis racquets from these days.
ugooglemyyahoo on Twitter: "Federer is showing just how class he is by dealing with everything stan throws at him with apparent ease! Still hoping for 5."
Federer 6-1 6-3 1-0 Wawrinka *
Federer brushes aside any sense of danger at 40-30 to hold and only a lapse in concentration looks like stopping him from here.
From anon in Glasgow via text: "Oh my days! Tell me piers does federer have that ball on elastic? Utterly magical - he's got more variety in that tweener shot than most have in their game. In awe."
From anon via text: "Come on, you cannot be serious. This is the best game of the championships by far. Mental crazy good. I like."
0310: That game messed with my head, a manual refresh will correct the score.
* Federer 6-1 6-3 Wawrinka
Hmmm, I don't think Rog is feeling the tension of this Grand Slam quarter-final. He goes for a 'tweener' lob, which cannot be considered a percentage shot however much he does it. When Federer sticks out a racquet and guides a smash back down the line for a winner, Stan looks like he's playing the straight man in a Mansour Bahrami exhibition. Fed gets to deuce with some lovely craft around the net after Wawrinka plays too close to him, and the pair then engage in a battle of the drop shots. Federer gets to set point.... but goes for yet another drop shot and puts it wide. Wawrinka nets a forehand and it's set point number two.... and Stan sends a backhand long. Funny old game that, but very entertaining all the same.
Federer 6-1 5-3 Wawrinka *
Federer is looking as smooth as you like, a couple of overheads asserting his authority for 40-0 before he gets away with a rather careful one on game point.
British number two James Ward (in Singapore) on Twitter: "Morning all!! Watching fed and stan play some great tennis-had some breakfast and chilling before match later on today."
* Federer 6-1 4-3 Wawrinka
Federer shakes his head when Hawkeye shows that his forehand down the line on the opening point did indeed clip the line, despite the 'out' call. Wawrinka plays two wild backhands and it's 15-30, but comes into the net and slides away a backhand volley for 30-30. He looks to have an easy put-away on the next point but hooks a forehand into the tramlines and it's break point.... Federer brings his man in and pounces on a tame Wawrinka volley, stepping across to thump a backhand down the line. Great shot, and big trouble for Stan now.
Federer 6-1 3-3 Wawrinka *
Wawrinka wins a strange rally of heavy topspin forehands for 30-30 to get within a sniff of a break, and a blistering off-backhand return earns him his first break point of the day.... Stan works the space, sets up the backhand and... smacks it into the tramlines. Federer comes through but Wawrinka is getting closer.
0245: British junior Jennifer Ren goes out of the girls' singles in the second round with a 6-2 6-7 6-3 defeat by Japan's Kanami Tsuji.
* Federer 6-1 2-3 Wawrinka
Federer chops down on a deadly drop shot that Wawrinka runs for but to no avail. Stan is well and truly in this match though, taking the game with a bludgeoned cross-court forehand and an absolute screamer of a backhand down the line.
dionwing on Twitter: "I can't see Wazza (as he would be called if he was an Aussie) but if he is still unshaven - then he looks like the Gladiator."
Federer 6-1 2-2 Wawrinka *
Federer plays a beautiful wrong-footing forehand volley as he rolls serenely to 40-0, only for Wawrinka to get the big man almost comically off balance at 40-15 to narrow the gap. However, Federer is in ruthless mood and slams the door shut.
* Federer 6-1 1-2 Wawrinka
It's all gone a bit quiet on Laver until Wawrinka gets down low and slings a backhand down the line on game point.
mj2739 on Twitter: "Wawr'ka always shows way 2much respect 4 Feds.Evytime they meet,the 1stset is gone within 20mins.He's always playing catchup!!"
Federer 6-1 1-1 Wawrinka *
Both men are playing some fantastic tennis at the moment, it's just that Federer is winning most of the points. A net cord also helps him out at 30-15 as he goes on to hold but a first-serve percentage of 81% is going to make Rog very, very difficult to beat.
* Federer 6-1 0-1 Wawrinka
Paul, that is an appalling lookey-likey, I can't lie. Wawrinka comes out firing at the start of the second set with a couple of fizzing backhands and he holds to love.
From Paul, Sutton, via text: "Is it me Piers or does our friend Wawrinka look like our Ashes hero Jimmy Anderson ? Or just maybe all this late night Aussie sport has finally got to my head... "
Federer 6-1 Wawrinka *
Federer wins a next exchange on the opening point despite a rather dodgy drop volley but Stan moves to 30-30 when he gets on top of a Federer serve and thumps a backhand. However, an error follows to give Federer set point.... but he goes long. Set point number two arrives moments later... and a first serve does the job, the first set secured in 29 minutes.
* Federer 5-1 Wawrinka
It's Federer's turn to let his opponent off the hook at 30-30 when a net cord makes the ball sit up and beg to be put away, only for Rog to steer a backhand over the baseline. Wawrinka then nets a forehand for deuce and Federer sees off a game point with a dreamy low forehand volley. If he'd done that in whites and a cricket jumper it would have been pure Fred Perry. Actually, don't rule that out for Wimbledon this year. It's soon break point for Federer... and a heavy forehand return does the job. "C'mon!" says the senior Swiss.
Federer 4-1 Wawrinka *
Wawrinka lets out the little yelp that so enchanted Roddick the other night as he hits another backhand winner down the line for 15-30, but Federer responds with an ace and at 30-30 Wawrinka puts a mid-court forehand into the net. Bad mistake, and the champion wraps up the game with a move to the net. Over on 13, Jennifer Ren is a break down at 2-0 in the third against Tsuji.
DCDJay on Twitter: "Who was predicting a 5 setter again? At this rate it'll be over by 3. 3am that is."
* Federer 3-1 Wawrinka
There it is, the first flowing Wawrinka backhand winner of the day flies down the line. So, so reminiscent of my own backhand. A couple of heavy forehands get Stan to 40-15 and he gets on the board with a service winner.
Federer 3-0 Wawrinka *
Amid all the talk of Wawrinka's backhand, it might have been forgotten that Federer's is not too shabby. He wins a lengthy exchange on that side with a sharp angle and holds quickly - it's been a rough seven minutes for Stan and the cap is going on.
From paul, plymouth, dreading work at 8am, via text: "Looks like stan has had a bit of an accident while eating his pre-match yoghurt."
* Federer 2-0 Wawrinka
He's done this before, you can tell. Federer attacks the net and cuts short a backhand drop volley for 15-40 and two break points... and Wawrinka goes for too much with a backhand to give up the immediate break.
Federer 1-0 Wawrinka *
I'd just written a lovely long paragraph outlining why Wawrinka does have a chance and got booted out by this antiquated piece of machinery. Rest assured, Stan is in the form of his life and can trouble Fed. A very solid start from the champion with a love hold though.
* denotes NEXT to serve
0150: So what's the deal here? Both men are unbeaten in 2011, with Federer having won in Doha and Wawrinka in Chennai ahead of the Aussie Open. Federer is playing in his 27th consecutive Grand Slam quarter-final (27th!) while Wawrinka reached his first at the US Open last year. The head-to-head record is 6-1 in Federer's favour. No contest, surely?
0144: Predictions? They're a mug's game, Simon. Federer in three. Here they come, Stan in blue and Rog in white.
From Simon via text: "Piers, care to offer a prediction on Federer/Wawrinka?"
0136: Li Na - "In tennis you never have an easy game, she's a good player with a big serve but I think I played a little bit better. Hopefully I can do better this year, I don't want to lose in the semi again." Asked why she once stopped playing to go to university, Li responds: "I was also good in University." Makes sense.
0132: A couple of agricultural forehands see Andrea Petkovic fall 0-30 down and a third makes it 15-40 and two match points.... and another forehand goes way, way long to hand Li Na a 6-2 6-4 win after 80 minutes. She will face the winner of the later match between Wozniacki and Schiavone.
0127: Concise, I can do. No messing from Li as she holds comfortably for 5-4 and Petkovic must serve to stay in the match.
From Jonathan in London via text: "Third night shift in a row at work! You've kept me going thus far Piers and I once again expect concise, informative and entertaining commentary! Fed in 5 and the Swiss number 2 will push him to the brink."
0125: Petkovic makes it 4-4 in the second and the crowd seem to be behind the German at the moment. Britain's Jennifer Ren is steamrollering her way to the second set on Court 13, leading Tsuji 4-1, and I've just noticed there's a Ms Sharipova next door on 14. And a R. Fodoror on Court 15. I made one of those up.
0116: Li is finding some great angles off both sides and keeping Petkovic way outside the tramlines, but the German hangs on in a tough service game to make it 3-3 in the second and gives a big ol' fist pump to signal she's still in this.
RooKnight on Twitter: "Is it only me that thinks Fed will win in 3 tonight? According to what you've been posting it would appear 5 is the consensus."
0107: Yikes. Quirky she may be but Petkovic is struggling to see the funny side as she plays a rotten service game, dropping it to love, and as in the first set Li then races through a love hold to lead 3-2 in the second.
From Pete, Edinburgh, via text: "Piers! Andrea Petrovic isn't just a great dancer and quirky personality. She's also something of a rockstar. Check out her song "Ich Will ne Band Sein" on her myspace! It's actually pretty good. Hope she can pull this one back."
From Bee, Manchester, via text: "Been trying to get any of my messages to show up on BBC live text since first day of Aus Open. Be nice to me piers? Fed to win in 5!"
0101: Li holds to get off the mark in the second set but Petkovic is making her work for everything now. The German leads 2-6 2-1 in the second set. And Ren has dropped the first set 6-2 against Tsuji. Foolish move, Kanami, very foolish.
0057: Someone has pointed out that I have failed to inform you of the celebrity count on Rod Laver Arena today. Well, let me tell you, after yesterday it's a bit of a let-down. Apologies to Fuzzy Agolley (TV presenter & model) and Robbie Maddison (Crusty Demons Australian daredevil), but you're no Billy Connolly. Or Kenny Rogers.
0053: It's a hard one to fathom - Petkovic swings a forehand cross-court pass across the stranded Li at the net and the German has a break at the start of the second set.
0049: The Swiss boys might not have to wait long as Li has rattled through the opening set 6-2 after 33 minutes, and Petkovic appeared to make some form of gesture towards her box signalling... something. Something Bad. Over on Six, Jennifer Ren is luring Tsuji into a false sense of security by letting the Japanese player take a 4-2 lead.
0044: To all those asking, I'm afraid Federer v Wawrinka is not live on any BBC outlet apart from this medieval effort. Come on, now, stop those bottom lips trembling, you knew that really didn't you? The Red Button and 5 live coverage is for the Aussie night sessions every day, with Murray matches a bonus. It's something to with money + time of day + audience figures + value for money. It's all way above my empty head.
From Sharon, London, via text: "Must. Sleep. Hope to wake up to some good news tomorrow that Fed is in the Semi Finals!!!"
From Laura via text: "George and kyle are playing against each other not together unfortunately, however it's a guaranteed qf!"
0039: Li earns another two break points but balloons a backhand long on the first, only for Petkovic to offer up a similarly wild forehand on the second. It's 4-2 to the ninth seed.
0033: Keep up, Rio, really - quarters, semis, final. Still, let's hope Murray does indeed prove to be "da maaaan". Two feisty players out on Laver at the moment and Li breaks back when Petkovic sends a backhand wide under pressure before holding to lead 3-2.
Andy Murray on Twitter: "@rioferdy5 got to get through the quarters first big man!! Man u on fire right now, keep up the good work."
Rio Ferdinand on Twitter: "@andy_murray I'm looking to see you deal with rafa nadal in the Australian open semi final, the time is NOW for a major title. U da maaaan!"
0026: Petkovic smacks an ace down the 'T' and she leads 2-0. Petko is looking to be the first German into a Grand Slam semi-final since Steffi Graf at Wimbledon in 1999, which seems extraordinary. Just to let you know, today's live coverage on the Red Button and 5 live sports extra will kick in at 0830 GMT for Novak Djokovic v Tomas Berdych, and I will update you as soon as I hear news of Andy Murray's scheduling for Wednesday.
From anon via text: "Stan the man to take it in 5!! If he plays like he did against A-Rod I don't see even Fed being able to stop him."
0021: Blimey, get the kettle on, we could be in for an epic here. Li lets a 40-0 lead slip and Petkovic converts her second break point to take the opening game after eight minutes. Over on Court 13, British junior Jennifer Ren has just got under way against Kanami Tsuji of Japan in the second round of the girls' singles. George Morgan, the boys' fourth seed, plays Korean Jae Hwan Kim later on before teaming up with Kyle Edmund in the doubles.
keen_on_tennis on Twitter: "Piers, want to point out that I've come all the way to Basel to watch the first ever all-Swiss QF with its people."
DavidVillaMarav on Twitter: "Wawrinka's been playing the best tennis of his life but I think that Federer is going to turn him to rubble again."
0011: Li and Petkovic are knocking up on a tranquil, and fairly empty, Rod Laver Arena. It's the first time this par have met but the Chinese player is the favourite as she's on a 9-0 streak this year, having beaten Kim Clijsters to win in Sydney in the build-up. The Sydney champion has gone on to win in Melbourne in seven of the last 10 years. However, we do not know if she can dance...
0006: As ever, you can bolster my flimsy grip on reality by getting in in touch via Twitter with the hashtag #BBCAussieOpen unless you have a specific enquiry for me, in which case go for @piersnewbery. I'm particularly strong on 'ways to cross London via public transport'. Alternatively, just send a text to 81111 (UK) with TENNIS before your message.
0004: It's not just about the Swiss boys, as the Aussie day session begins and ends with a couple of potentially gripping women's quarter-finals. First up in a few minutes will be the dancing feet of Andrea Petkovic and my dark horse (apologies in advance to...) Li Na, while the third match will see world number one Caroline Wozniacki against marathon woman Francesca Schiavone. Let's hope the Italian set her alarm.
0001: He's got the game, does he have the nerve? Stanislas Wawrinka faces the biggest match of his life tonight as he takes on fellow Swiss and all-round sporting superstar Roger Federer for a place in the Australian Open semi-finals. Stan has been playing out of his skin in Melbourne, his sweeping single-handed backhand cutting down the likes of Gael Monfils and Andy Roddick on his way to the last eight, but now he faces an altogether different test. The streets of Switzerland will surely be quiet tonight. Well, quieter.
2355: Evening all, ready to go again? We might all be running on fumes by now but the line-up tonight is a bit of a belter, I think. A semi-final place is in sight for those still standing in the singles events, with three mouthwatering matches back-to-back on Rod Laver Arena before the sun rises, technically speaking, over this United Kingdom.
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