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Democracy and Governance Studies
The Master of Arts in Democracy and Governance stands at the confluence of three distinct fields, public policy, international development, and security studies. Practitioners in these three diverse areas have come to realize that effective and accountable government is central to successful programs in their field. Democratic reform and improved governance are thus not stand-alone programs, but integral to more effective government across a range of sectors. Georgetown University's multi-disciplinary Master of Arts Program in Democracy and Governance, the most comprehensive degree of its kind in the United States, seeks to inform policies for more effective government through understanding the foundations of democracy and accountable government, translating theories into practical and effective policies, and preparing students for both careers and further study in these areas. To realize these goals, this academically demanding program requires the successful completion of 42 credit hours of coursework over two years. Leading scholars and practitioners teach classes examining the challenges that contemporary democracies face, the philosophical, social, and economic forces that have fostered political change across the globe, and the practical problems of democracy assistance and governance reform.
Beyond providing academic training, the Democracy and Governance Program advances research and policy in areas of democratic change and governance reform through the Center for Democracy and Civil Society (CDACS)​. CDACS publishes the biannual Democracy and Society journal, undertakes policy advocacy, and hosts speakers and conferences in areas relevant to the broad objectives of the Democracy and Governance Program.
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