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06 Jan 2008 - 08 Jan 2015
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Iraq Stocks Exchange
Last Session Date 26/01/2011
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National Chemical Industries4.34.52-5.12
Al -Khazer Construction Materials2.82.9-3.57
United Bank2.282.35-3.07
Ishtar Hotels3535.75-2.14
Union Bank Of Iraq11.02-2
Credit Bank Of Iraq2.82.85-1.79
Ashur International Bank0.930.94-1.08
Babylon Bank0.930.94-1.08
Al -HiLal Industries1.321.33-0.76
Metallic Industries and Bicycles2.782.8-0.72
Fallujah Construction Materials3.393.41-0.59
Mamoura Realestate Investment2.52.51-0.4
Mansour Hotel38.4938.5-0.03
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Investment Bank of Iraq1.131.038.85
Bank of the Tigris and Euphrates0.80.747.5
Mousil Bank1.241.184.84
المصـرف الاهـلي العراقي خ0.90.864.44
Iraqi for Seed Production3.653.54.11
Ready Made Clothes3.53.42.86
Dar es salam Investment Bank6.756.62.22
Baghdad Soft Drinks1.431.42.1
Al-Mansour Bank1.781.761.12
Gulf Commercial Bank0.990.981.01
Karbala Hotels5.85.760.69
Iraqi Carton Manufacturies1.521.510.66
Baghdad Hotel19.819.70.51
Modern Paint Industries4.544.520.44
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Bank Of Baghdad=2.462.460
National for Tourist Investment=20200
Nineveh Food Industries=1.051.050
Babylon Hotel=39.8539.850
The Light Industries=1.321.320
الانـشـائيـة الحـديـثـة م=1.51.50
AL-Nukhba for Construction=3.73.70
AL- Kindi of Veterinary Vaccines Drugs=330
Kharkh Tour Amuzement City=14140
بيـن النهريـن للاستثمارات=0.90.90
الغــازيـــة شــمـالـيــة=0.760.760
Al-Ameen for Insurance=1.31.30
Al-Mansour Pharmaceuticals=3.823.820
Middle East for Production-=19.519.50
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