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Somalia, 20 years of conflict
The World Today speaks to Dr Hussein Mursal, an aid worker who decided to return to his homeland, Somalia in 1990.
8 mins
Why do some people find murder so fascinating?
Reading about someone else's violent misery makes you feel safer; it's happening out there, so it's not happening to you
8 mins
Is Nairobi's 'Little Mogadishu' a haven for pirates and extremists?
With Somalia suffering from ongoing conflict and chaos, large numbers of people have fled to neighbouring Kenya. Many have settled in the Eastleigh neighbourhood of Nairobi, which has become known as 'Little Mogadishu'.
6 mins
Burns Night: Is a haggis still a haggis without sheep lung?
Scots celebrate the anniversary of the birth of the poet Robert Burns on 25 January with a Burns supper. But the traditional haggis eaten in the US will be incomplete, because the government there has banned a key ingredient: sheep lung.
3 mins
Is Saudi Arabia a haven for ousted leaders?
When Tunisia's president was forced from power, he fled to Saudi Arabia. Why does the country grant entry to ousted leaders? Riccardo Orizio is an Italian journalist in Kenya and Sir Jeremy Greenstock is chairman of the United Nations Association UK.
10 mins
Pakistan violence: How the citizens of Karachi are coping
Political assassinations and criminal gang violence are commonplace in the southern Pakistani port city of Karachi. But the BBC's Hugh Sykes finds that local people are determined not to let the violence grind them down.
4 mins
Tunisia pilot hailed hero for refusing to fly President Ben Ali's family
Captain Mohamed Ben Kilani has been hailed a national hero after refusing to fly members of Tunisian President Ben Ali's family out of the country.
4 mins
Are human rights overlooked in bid to attract Chinese investment?
Is the American business community overlooking human rights concerns in China in a bid to attract Chinese investment? Carrie Zethmayr works for the Economic Development Council in Rockford, Illinois.
4 mins
What happens when you lose half your police force?
Camden, New Jersey, officially America's second most dangerous city, is set to lay off half of its police force. The Guardian Angels has started up street patrols in Camden in response. Curtis Sliwa is the founder.
3 mins
Sherlock Holmes brought back to life by writer Anthony Horowitz
One of Britain's most famous fictional detectives, Sherlock Holmes, is being brought back to life by a new author. The new full-length novel will be written by the British writer, Anthony Horowitz.
2 mins
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