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19 Nov 2010 - 31 Jan 2011
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Voices: changing attitudes to sexual health
"I have every confidence that Abugida will make a difference to the lives of millions of young Ethiopians."

Sefa, a 17-year-old listener, explains how Abugida has changed his family's attitude to sexual health
Taboos broken
"Abugida has helped and encouraged me to make some very important decisions.The radio programme has inspired me to discuss sexual and reproductive health with my friends at school and even with my parents.
"I live in a community in which female genital mutilation is widely practised. My mother believed strongly that my two little sisters should be circumcised in order to live a socially acceptable life in their community. We argued over this but I was unable to convince her until I made her listen to an Abugida story that I had recorded off the radio."
Moving radio story
"The radio story was about a young woman who was circumcised then she was a small girl and had suffered terrible
health problems and was stigmatised, even by friends and her own husband, because of it.
"I invited close and influential members of my family, including my mother, to listen to the radio programme.
"They were all deeply touched by the story of the girl, which made them cry. I was overjoyed when my mother declared that she had decided not to have my sisters circumcised after all. And she asked me to record Abugida for her every week."
Sex delayed
"Abugida has also helped me resolve issues in my relationship. I was under a lot of peer pressure to have sex with my girlfriend, who is 16, and was frequently ridiculed for not having made my sexual debut. I was confused and frustrated, which led to clashes with my girlfriend and also affected my education.
"However, since I joined the Abugida Listeners' Group in my area I have had the opportunity to talk about my worries and concerns with other young people inspired by the radio programme."
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