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Tunisian Government Says 14 Slain in Clashes with Police
10 January 2011
The Daily Star TUNIS: Fourteen people were killed in clashes with police in two towns in the past 24 hours, the Tunisian government and Tunisia’s official news agency said Sunday, the deadliest incidents yet in an unprecedented wave of (...)
Millions Vote in South Sudan Independence Referendum
10 January 2011
Tunisia ’to Respond’ to Protests
10 January 2011 , by Bilal Randeree
Algeria Vows to Punish Protesters
9 January 2011
Mariam Al Mahdi Beaten by Sudanese Police
11 January 2011
Mariam is a doctor, a mother of six and a member of the political bureau of the Umma party. She is also a fierce defender of women’s rights.
Publication Announcement: CIGI ebook, The Future of Security Sector Reform
7 December 2010
Call for Papers for the 2011 Gulf Research Meeting
6 December 2010
2011 Draper Hills Summer Fellows on Democracy and Development Program
20 October 2010
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