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Demostrations in Cairo (1/30/11)
Mass protests set for Cairo, Alexandria
More Americans to leave Egypt today
Updated Monday at 8:12pm (ET)
Today, demonstrators promise to bring a million people to Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt, to call for President Hosni Mubarak’s resignation. Organizers in Alexandria have also called for a similar “Million Man March” once it became clear that disruptions in train service would prevent citizens from joining in the demonstration in the country’s capital.
More American citizens are expected to leave Egypt today on flights chartered by the State Department. Yesterday, some 1,200 people flew to Larnaca, Cyprus, Athens, Greece and Istanbul, Turkey. Additional flights to Frankfurt, Germany, are also expected today. MORE »
WH Briefing: c‑span.org at 12:30pm ET
Al Jazeera Network (Live)
Follow events in Egypt on Twitter
Washington Journal for Tuesday
State Department Press Briefing
White House Briefing with Press Secretary Robert Gibbs
Discussion on the Future of Pakistan
News Conference on Dietary Guidelines for Americans
Updated Monday at 8:15pm (ET)
(AP Image)
President Obama used his State of the Union Address last week to spotlight the economy, calling for a five-year freeze on all discretionary government spending outside of national security expenditures and highlighting the need to fund job creation initiatives. The President will give further details on his fiscal goals when he releases his fiscal year 2012 budget in mid February.
While the White House finalizes its plan, Congress has lined up a number of hearings to examine the current situation and how to improve the nation’s economic future. MORE »
10am ET on C‑SPAN: Senate Budget Committee on Economic Outlook
10am ET on c‑span.org: Senate Judiciary Committee on Foreclosure Mediation Programs
Congress Examines Transition Challenges in Iraq
Updated Monday at 8:21pm (ET)
U.S. Amb. to Iraq Jeffrey and Commanding Gen. U.S. Forces Iraq, Austin
A new report casts a grim forecast in Iraq after U.S. troops withdrew from that country. It casts doubt on the country’s ability to maintain stability and rebuff the advances of terrorist organizations from regaining power.
The report released Sunday by the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction (SIGIR), gives an outline on the implementation of the U.S. transition from a military-led mission to a civilian mission in Iraq. It will likely be mentioned during the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on the same topic. MORE »
10am ET on C‑SPAN3: Senate Foreign Relations on Iraq Transition to Civilian Mission

Florida district judge rules health care law unconstitutional
Memo on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Repeal: Implementation of Repeal
Memo on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Repeal: Future Impact on Policy
AP: WH to name Jay Carney new Press Secretary
Russian parliament ratifies arms pact with US
Reid, McConnell reach compromise on speeding up legislative process
White House: President Obama's Regulatory Strategy
Overview of the Afghanistan and Pakistan Annual Review
Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill: (AP) Gov't sues BP, other companies in Gulf oil spill
In Depth is Book TV's monthly interview/call-in program with an author featuring his or her body of work. On February 6, R. Emmett Tyrrell, founder and editor in chief of The American Spectator magazine, will be our guest. MORE »
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Visit the C-SPAN Video Library to view all of the C-SPAN-covered debates from the 2010 midterm elections. MORE »
Egypt's opposition calls for 1 million on streets  | ajc.com
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WSJ.com Monday at 7:31am (ET)
Weighing the Unknowns in Egypt - NYTimes.com
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Cairo Protesters Urge Mass Rally on Tuesday, Reports Say - NYTimes.com
New York Times Monday at 7:26am (ET)
Clinton warns against 'chaos' in Egypt - Washington Times
Washington Times Monday at 7:23am (ET)
Stephen J. Hadley: The Two Likeliest Political Outcomes for Mubarak - WSJ.com
WSJ.com Monday at 7:18am (ET)
Egyptian police reappear alongside army as anti-Mubarak demonstrations continue
washingtonpost.com Monday at 7:04am (ET)
Washington Journal for Tuesday
Monday     Washington, DC
  • 7:05am - Jim Michaels, USA Today, Military Writer
  • 7:30am - Martin Indyk, Asst. Secretaryof State for Near East Affairs
  • Clinton Administration, 1997-2000
  • 8am - David Malpass, Former Deputy Assistant Treasury Secretary
  • Reagan Administration, 1986-89
  • 8:30am - Heather Boushey, Center for American Progress, Senior Economist
  • 9:15am - Dan Friedman, National Journal, Senate Leadership Reporter
State Department Press Briefing
Monday     Washington, DC
White House Briefing with Press Secretary Robert Gibbs
Monday     Washington, DC
Discussion on the Future of Pakistan
Monday     Washington, DC
News Conference on Dietary Guidelines for Americans
Monday     Washington, DC
Washington Journal for Monday, Jan. 31
Monday     Washington, DC
American Artifacts: Frederick Douglass House
Sunday     Washington, DC
The Presidency: Daniel P. Moynihan and the Nixon White House
Sunday     Washington, DC
Washington Journal for Sunday, Jan. 30
Sunday     Washington, DC
Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC)
Sunday     Washington, DC
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