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29 Nov 2006 - 27 Feb 2021
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Our Latest Project: Tavaana
CLIME is excited to launch Tavaana, a new e-learning institute for Iranian civil society.
Tavaana builds on CLIME's successful Arabic language Online Activism Institute, which was recognized by Politics Online as one of the “Top 10 Changing the World of Internet and Politics” in 2009 for its innovative approach to empowering women in Jordan and Egypt with e-learning and virtual mentoring.
Tavaana similarly leverages the power of the internet, innovative curricula, and leading trainers to give Iranians a secure environment where they can build their capacities in civic participation and democratic development.

Our Training Projects
The Arabic Online Activism Institute
CLIME has pioneered the use of e-learning in the Middle East with virtual mentoring and online training. Candidates and civic activists in Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Syria are applying the skills they learned through CLIME’s online courses to win elections and successfully launch campaigns on issues such as literacy, honor killings, clean water, corruption and religious tolerance.
View a video about the Online Activism Institute that CLIME launched in 2009:
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Readings and Reports
Voices of Liberty
The Voices of Liberty guide seeks to raise awareness of influential writers, activists and politicians who are waging the battle of ideas in the Middle East on behalf of human rights and against religious extremism, and who are engaging their fellow citizens to reflect on issues of freedom and authoritarianism in their societies.
The Iraq Democracy Papers
The Iraq Democracy Papers is a dialogue on democracy that draws from the literature of different eras and cultures (Arabic, Islamic, Western and Asian) to discuss issues relevant to Iraq's democratic transformation. The papers were published in 2005 and distributed to over 2,000 academics, journalists, intellectuals and politicians in Iraq involved in designing the country’s new political system.
MENA Women Leaders Perspectives on Political Liberalization
CLIME invited a dozen women leaders from the Middle East and North Africa to weigh in on the policy debate in Washington, DC, about whether and how to promote "freedom" in the Middle East.

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