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Kat Aaron
Journalists Need to Fight For Net Neutrality
News organizations that rely on
data-heavy and crowdsourced reporting,
cannot remain silent on an open Internet.
Romesh Ratnesar
Egyptians Waiting for U.S. to Stand Alongside Them
Washington should step off the sidelines and embrace the demonstrators' democratic cause -- even at the cost of stability.
Will We Ever Capture Osama Bin Laden?
Not likely, says Peter Bergen. The terrorist leader will
likely die years from now in the comfort of his own bed.
Reading Skills Develop Outside the Classrom
Research continues to support the conclusion
that success in reading depends on skills the
child gains long before they reach the classroom.
Amjad Atallah
New Reality for Peace in Wake of Palestine Papers
Time will tell if Al Jazerra's disclosure of Palestinian negotiation documents will encourage or hamper future peace efforts.
Open Technology Initiative
Reporting 2.0
In the age of WikiLeaks, media outlets will
need to work hand-in-hand with technologists
to create new models of investigative reporting.
Early Ed
Middle East
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Congress, Working Together to Provide Solutions
Justin King
February 3, 2011
Guest Post: The Growth of Proprietary School Loans and the Consequences for Students
February 3, 2011
State Education Chiefs Impatient for ESEA Reauthorization
Jennifer Cohen
February 3, 2011
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Unrest in Egypt
Patrick Doherty​, director of the Smart Strategy Initiative, writes on CNN.com that the U.S. should not miss this opportunity to transform our entire approach to the region.
Daniel Levy, co-director of the Middle East Task Force, weighs in on the implications for U.S. relations with Israel and the rest of the region and Parag Khanna explores the "Middle East First" foreign policy that he says complicates the U.S. role in the crisis.
As events in Egypt continue to unfold, follow news and analysis on the Middle East Channel -- a joint project of Foreign Policy and New America.
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Ten years after the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, author and counterterrorism expert Peter Bergen offers his perspective on the conflict that has become the longest war in U.S. history. The Longest War examines early strategic blunders by the U.S. and the ongoing failure of al-Qaeda to sway the hearts of the Muslim world.
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