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Sunday, January 16 2011
Impacts of Secretary of Defense Robert Gates’ visit to China?

On Monday, January 10th, The Nixon Center hosted a panel featuring Vago Muradian, Editor of Defense News, Phillip Saunders, Director of the Center for the Study of Chinese Military Affairs at the National Defense University, and James Mulvenon, President of Defense Group, Inc.’s Intelligence Division.  Panelists agreed that the potential impacts of Secretary of Defense Robert Gates’ trip to China are limited but that military to military relations are important to preventing a future crisis from escalating out of control. The panel was moderated by Drew Thompson, Director of China Studies and Starr Senior Fellow at The Nixon Center.  A brief summary of the event can be found here.  Video coverage of the event was provided by CSPAN and can be found here.  Video of the event is also available here on our YouTube site.
Going Home to Glory: A Memoir of Life with Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1961-1969

On Friday, January 7, the Nixon Center hosted a discussion with David Eisenhower and Julie Nixon Eisenhower on their recent book, Going Home to Glory: A Memoir of Life with Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1961-1969. The Eisenhowers focused on the relationship between Presidents Eisenhower and Nixon, as well as the similarities between the men and their presidencies. The discussion was moderated by General Charles Boyd, Starr Distinguished National Security Fellow at The Nixon Center. A summary of the event can be read here and you can view the entire event here on our YouTube page. And click here to watch David Eisenhower and Julie Nixon Eisenhower sit down with TNI editor Justine Rosenthal to talk about their new book and share their thoughts on today's foreign policy landscape.
Afghanistan: Endgame?

On December 13, 2010, The Nixon Center hosted a panel with Lieutenant General David Barno (Ret.), Senior Advisor and Senior Fellow at the Center for a New American Security, Ambassador Ronald Neumann (Ret.), President of the American Academy of Diplomacy, and David Sanger, Chief Washington Correspondent of The New York Times, to examine the developing challenges in Afghanistan that the Obama Administration faces.  Marvin Kalb, Nixon Center Visiting Fellow, moderated.  You can view the event here on our YouTube page or watch it here on C-SPAN's website.  A summary of the event is available here
A Conversation with General James Jones

On Thursday, December 9, The Nixon Center hosted an off-the-record dinner discussion with General James Jones, former National Security Advisor. General Jones provided his assessment of America's present foreign policy and national security challenges. General Charles Boyd, Starr Distinguished National Security Fellow at The Nixon Center, moderated the discussion. Nixon Center Chairman, Maurice Greenberg, offered opening and closing remarks.
National Policy Conference
On May 18 and 19 The Nixon Center and The Nixon Foundation presented their 2010 National Policy Conference at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, DC. The conference featured remarks by John Brennan, Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism and Deputy National Security Advisor; Senator John McCain; Senator Jon Kyl; former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger; and Center Chairman Maurice Greenberg as well as many other leading writers and thinkers on American foreign policy and the global economy.

Dr. Kissinger's remarks are available here.
Senator Kyl's remarks are available here and you can watch the Senator answer questions on the ratification of the New START Treaty, the modernization program and Iran's proliferation here.
Senator McCain's remarks are available here
Dr. Schlesinger's remarks are available here
You can watch the sessions "American at War" here and "The New Great Power Dynamics" here.
"Can America have a Coherent Foreign Policy" is available here.
"What to Do about Iran?" is availbale here.
Check back later for more video highlights.

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In this edition of The National Interest
The January/February issue of The National Interest is now available! In "Imperial by Design," international relations scholar John J. Mearsheimer argues that U.S. post-Cold War foreign policy has been bent on global domination, serving to intensify the threat of terrorism and failing to prepare the U.S. for a rising China; economist Barry Eichengreen calls for a dramatic readjustment of global exchange rates to avert a currency war in "Mr. Bernanke Goes to War;" and in "Zoroaster and the Ayatollahs," Iran expert Abbas Milani explains that the country’s complex and in many ways modern culture will not indefinitely support its current theocratic system.
A conservative approach to climate change? In The Washington Times, Nixon Center Executive Director, Paul J. Saunders, and former State Department climate advisor, Vaughan Turekian, advise the Obama administration to pursue results-driven but not treaty-based approaches to reducing emissions at The United Nations Global Climate Conference in Cancun and offer ideas to the Republican House majority.

China's Growing Role in the Middle East: Implications for the Region and Beyond In November 2009, The Nixon Center's Regional Strategic Program and the Gulf Research Center co-hosted a second workshop in Dubai focusing on the growing role of Asia in the Middle East, which was funded in part by the Carnegie Corporation of New York. The monograph, China's Growing Role in the Middle East: Implications for the Region and Beyond, examines the various influences China has had on the region.

Asia’s Role in the Middle East and the Indian Ocean: Implications for the Region and the United States In April 2010, The Nixon Center's Regional Strategic Program organized a conference at the Rockefeller Foundation's Bellagio Conference Center, focusing on the growing Asian presence in the Middle East. This is part of a six year study on US interests in the Gulf and Indian Ocean funded by The Carnegie Corporation of New York and The Smith Richardson Foundation. The monograph, Asia's Role in the Middle East and the Indian Ocean: Implications for the Region and the United States, is a compilation of the papers commissioned for the conference. The monograph was edited by Geoffrey Kemp and Indre Uselmann.

Russian-American Obstacles Overshadow Obama-Medvedev Meeting In U.S. News and World Report online, Nixon Center Executive Director Paul J. Saunders warns that Russia and the United States have different foreign policy goals, priorities and expectations, and that further progress in their relationship will be difficult.

The East Moves West Nixon Center Director of Regional Strategic Programs Geoffrey Kemp’s new book The East Moves West: India, China, and Asia’s Growing Presence in the Middle East discusses the growing footprint of various Asian countries in the Middle East, including the traditionally U.S. dominated Gulf region, and the implications of this development for the region and the United States. The East Moves West was published by the Brookings Institution Press.

Is Obama Overselling His Russia Arms Control Deal? In TIME, Nixon Center President Dimitri K. Simes questions whether the Obama administration is overestimating Moscow's willingness to support strong sanctions against Iran after signing a new arms control treaty with Washington.

Giving Putin His Due Paul J. Saunders, Nixon Center Executive Director, criticizes the administration's seemingly dismissive attitude toward Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, arguing that bolstering President Dmitry Medvedev at Putin's expense is short-sighted and could derail the US-Russia reset.

Think Again: China's Military Drew Thompson, Nixon Center China Director and Starr Fellow, deconstructs the myths surrounding the PLA, arguing that China's military isn't a threat to the United States' interests, yet.

Rumble in the Junta Drew Thompson, Nixon Center Director of China Studies and Starr Fellow, argues that the United States needs to be more engaged in Myanmar to enact change rather than continuing ineffective sanctions.

London breeding Islamic terrorists Robert S. Leiken, Nixon Center Director of National Security and Immigration Programs, describes the rising danger from Muslim terrorists located in the capital of one of America's oldest and closest allies.

The Truth About Prospects for U.S. Jihad In CBS News online, Robert S. Leiken, Nixon Center Director for Immigration and National Security, examines the rise in home-based terrorism. Though America's recent troubles don't compare with Europe's more serious battles with networks of radical Islamic terrorists, Leiken concludes that the U.S. is still vulnerable to other Nidal Hasans who only have to buy a gun to wreak havok on our country.

Help has Strings Attached Paul J. Saunders, Nixon Center Executive Director, argues in The Washington Times that accepting Georgian troops to support U.S. operations in Afghanistan is a mistake - one that could lead Tbilisi to expect American support in its dispute with Russia.
Is the Colombia-Mexico Analogy Legitimate?
December 2, 2010
Asia’s Role in the Global Economy
December 1, 2010
The START Treaty and other Arms Control Initiatives
November 18, 2010
A conversation with Ambassador Clark Randt
November 9, 2010
Bob Woodward: Presidents and Wars
November 8, 2010
The Foreign Policy Implications of a Republican House
November 4, 2010
The PLA and China’s Interests in Southeast Asia
October 26, 2010
Hard Line: The Republican Party and U.S. Foreign Policy
October 25, 2010
Israel's National Security: The Great Debates
October 18, 2010
The Battle for Hearts and Minds: Health Diplomacy and U.S.-China Relations
October 7, 2010
The End of the Worker's Paradise?
September 8, 2010
Deputy Secretary of State Steinberg on the U.S. Presence in Asia
July 27, 2010
Israel: Strategic Asset or Liability?
July 20, 2010
Mexico's Elections: Interpreting the Results
July 14, 2010
U.S.-China Relations on the Eve of the G-20
June 25, 2010
European Security with Celeste Wallander
June 18, 2010
U.S.-Russian Relations: Reset or Potemkin Village?
June 17, 2010
Japan, South Korea, and the United States after the Cheonan Sinking
June 9, 2010
A Conversation with Ambassador Rogozin
June 3, 2010
Yemen: Avoiding the False Templates of Iraq and Afghanistan
May 20, 2010
A Conversation with Russian Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov
May 17, 2010
Iraq after the Elections: Prospects for Stability
May 13, 2010
A Conversation with Admiral Gary Roughead
May 12, 2010
President Obama's Nuclear Strategy: Less than Meets the Eye?
May 5, 2010
Dinner with Ambassador Zhang Yesui
April 28, 2010
Energy Security, Clean Energy, Climate Change and the U.S.-China Relationship
April 27, 2010
The Jerusalem Dilemma
April 22, 2010
China-North Korea Economic Relations
March 31, 2010
Russia's Role in Asian Security
March 29, 2010
Igor Yurgens on Russia's Future
March 11, 2010
A Conversation with Ambassador Idrissov
March 2, 2010
Secretary Gates receives Nixon Center Distinguished Service Award
February 24, 2010

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