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JANUARY 31, 2011
The End of the Israel Excuse - Roger Cohen, International Herald Tribune
Obama Failed to Fulfill His Mideast Promise - David Kramer, Der Spiegel
Obama Must Back Mubarak - Barry Rubin, Christian Science Monitor
The Great Kabul Bank Heist - Dexter Filkins, New Yorker
How Arab Shame Drives Revolutions - Christopher Hitchens, Slate
How Food Riots Start - Evan Fraser & Andrew Rimas, Foreign Affairs
Is Syria Next Domino to Fall? - Hugh MacLeod, Global Post
U.S. Needs Strategy for Political Islam - Matthew Duss, American Prospect
An Israeli Opportunity In Lebanon's Crisis - Meir Javedanfar, The Atlantic
BRIC's Big Spenders Will Save the West - Jim O'Neill, Daily Telegraph
The Compass: Chinese Media & Top Gun | Will Egypt Split U.S. & Israel?
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Best of Blogs
A Realist Policy for Egypt - Stephen Walt, Foreign Policy
Can China Afford Its Stealth Plane? - David Axe, Flashpoints
Failed States on the Installment Plan - Judah Grunstein, Trend Lines
The Army, Allah & America - Myra MacDonald, Pakistan Now or Never
Best of Blogs Archive
RCW Morning Edition
Obama's Mideast Moment of Truth - Peter Beinart, The Daily Beast
Will Obama Trust 80 Million Egyptians? - Richard Spencer, Telegraph
Egypt's Uprising Should Be Encouraged - Anne Applebaum, Washington Post
Crisis Will Draw U.S. Closer to Israel - Walter Russell Mead, Politico
Cracks in Russia's Regime - Lucian Kim, International Herald Tribune
Army Will Craft a Post-Mubarak Era - Bassma Kodmani, Financial Times
Canada a Soft Mark for Fleeing Despots - Lysiane Gagnon, Globe and Mail
Mubarak's Two Political Outcomes - Stephen Hadley, Wall Street Journal
Is Modern Germany Racist? - Tony Paterson, The Independent
What the U.S. Loses if Mubarak Goes - Tony Karon, Time
Why China Is Nervous About Egypt - Gordon Chang, Forbes
Hope vs. Experience on North Korea - Richard Weitz, The Diplomat
The Case for Mercenaries in Somalia - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe
The Legacy of Arab Autocracy - Arch Puddington, Jerusalem Post
China's Actually Addicted to U.S. Dollars - William Pesek, JoongAng Daily
The Compass: Q&A With Elliott Abrams | Long View in Egypt
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RCW Morning Archive
Egypt Must Avoid an Islamist Government - Jerusalem Post
Violence Must Not Marr Egypt's Revolution - Daily Star
South Sudan Still a Fractured Dream - The National
Davos Gets It: Growth Must Serve People - Deccan Chronicle
RCW Editorials
Research & Analysis
Time Has Come for Mubarak to Go - Brookings Institution
Bringing Freedom & Stability to Egypt - Heritage Foundation
Behind the Moscow Airport Bombing - Center for Strategic and Int'l Studies
Egypt: Rage or Revolution? - Washington Institute
RCW Research & Analysis
Statements & Speeches
Reforms Needed in the Arab World - Hillary Clinton
U.S.-Japan Alliance a Cornerstone of Asian Security - Robert Gates
America's Strategy in Afghanistan - Barack Obama
Building a Vibrant Economy in Israel - Benjamin Netanyahu
RCW Statements & Speeches
Real Clear World Sunday
Morning Update
Inside the White House's Egypt Scramble - John Barry, Newsweek
Bush Was Right About the Middle East - Elliott Abrams, Washington Post
American Words May Not Matter in the Mideast - Helene Cooper, NY Times
Standing Up to Lukashenko - Hague & Westerwelle, Wall Street Journal
The Era of WikiLeaks Appears Over - Doyle McManus, LA Times
Beware Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood - Leslie Gelb, The Daily Beast
Israel Fears Future Minus Mubarak - Abraham Rabinovich, The Australian
What Obama Can Learn from Carter's Missteps - Gary Sick, Foreign Policy
An Arab Revolution Fueled by Western Methods - Zvi Bar'el, Haaretz
Cameron's Revolution Will Take Years - Matthew d'Ancona, Telegraph
Incentives for U.S.-China Cooperation - Yukon Huang, Carnegie Endowment
With Its Eyes on China, Delhi Woos Jakarta - Harsh Pant, Rediff
Spain, Hostage to the Eurozone - Mark Weisbrot, The Guardian
Turkey and Ukraine: Different But Similar - Amanda Paul, Today's Zaman
Scandals Shake Germany's Faith in Military - Tristana Moore, Time
RCW in Pictures: Scenes From Egypt's 'Day of Wrath' | Week in Pics
Real Clear World Saturday
Morning Update
The Arab World's New World Order - Robert Kaplan, Foreign Policy
Egypt Needs Reform, Not Revolution - Grant & Petersen, Daily Telegraph
Israel Casts an Uneasy Glance at Protests - HDS Greenway, Global Post
How the U.S. Can Aid Arab Revolutions - Robert Satloff, Washington Post
What the West Can Learn From China - Deborah Yedlin, Calgary Herald
Egypt's Military Now Pivotal - Michael Hanna, The Atlantic
Hungary's Strongman Spooks Europe - Doug Saunders, Globe and Mail
What Palestinian Papers Really Reveal - David Horovitz, Jerusalem Post
The Best World Photos of the Week - RealClearWorld
U.S. Strategy in a Leaderless World - Nikolas Gvosdev, World Politics Review
Is Qaddafi the Next to Fall? - Philip Shenon, The Daily Beast
Why Bahrain Matters - Steven Sotloff, The Diplomat
Syria, Not Hezbollah, Won in Lebanon - Mohanad Ali, The Guardian
To Defeat al-Qaeda, Defeat Iran - Joscelyn & Leeden, Washington Times
African Leaders Clinging to Power - Patrick Smyth, Irish Times
RCW Video: Protesters Return in Cairo | All Eyes on Egypt's Military
Real Clear World Friday
Morning Update
Will Obama Get it Right on Egypt? - Jackson Diehl, Washington Post
Is This Lebanon's Final Revolution? - Nicholas Noe, New York Times
The Freedom Consensus - Peter Berger & Ann Bernstein, American Interest
China's Progress Is to Be Lauded, Not Feared - Jeremy Warner, Telegraph
Can Nuclear Talks With Iran Be Saved? - Olli Heinonen, Foreign Policy
Be Careful What You Wish for in Arab World - Anthony Cordesman, FT
Sarkozy Lays Out His Global To-Do List - Sven Boll, Der Spiegel
China Is Both Charmer and Bully - Hugh Cortazzi, Japan Times
U.S. on the Wrong Side of Mideast Change - Stephen Kinzer, The Daily Beast
Lebanon's Tribunal Must Go Forward - Nadim Houry, Daily Star
Remembering the Holocaust and its Lessons - Irwin Cotler, Jerusalem Post
Ireland's Chance to Move Past 1921 - Martin Kettle, The Guardian
America's Messy Dealings in Kyrgyzstan - James Kirchick, New Republic
Palestinian Papers Inspire Shouts, Shrugs - Alan Philps, The National
What Britain Learned in the Iraq War - Jim Molan, The Australian

Afternoon Update
Egypt's Fury Has Smoldered for Decades - Michael Slackman, NY Times
Don't Fear the Muslim Brotherhood - Bruce Riedel, The Daily Beast
Learning From Iran's Revolution - Abolhassan Bani-Sadr, CSM
Pay Attention to Iraq's Warning Signs - Kenneth Pollack, National Interest
Ahmadinejad Needs a Nuclear Deal - Jamsheed Choksy, WPR
A New Sputnik Moment - Hamish McDonald, Sydney Morning Herald
Uprisings: From Tunis to Cairo - William Pfaff, New York Review of Books
Who Needs to Read the Palestine Papers - James Traub, Foreign Policy
Fear of Islamists Paralyzes U.S. - Tony Karon, Time
The End of China's Mighty Surplus - Martin Feldstein, Project Syndicate
The Compass: We're All Neocons? | Egypt Minus the Internet

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Has the West Failed in Afghanistan?
Egypt Demonstrators Defy Curfew Again
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Will Egypt Split the U.S. & Israel?
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Elliott Abrams on Egypt and Class R
Egypt and the Clash of Time Horizon
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