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JAN. 31, 2011
The World's Most Stressful Job: Driving a Bus
  1. Egyptian Army Won't Fire, Government Offers to Talk with Opposition
  2. Federal Judge Rules Obamacare Unconstitutional
  3. Blizzard Could Affect 100 Million
  4. Egyptian Protests Endanger Economy

Hitchens: Mubarak's Biggest Mistake? Treating His People Like Fools.
For Years We've Sold Our Surplus Dark Meat to Russia. They Don't Want It Anymore. Now What?
The Last Conversation About Amy Chua You Need To Listen To
You Sent Stanley Fish Your Favorite Sentences. He Picked the Three Best.
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Monday, Jan. 31, 2011
The War on Torture
Robert Redford, Doug Liman, and other filmmakers and artists unite to remind Americans about prisoner abuse.
Dahlia Lithwick | CULTUREBOX | Monday, 6:20 PM ET
Did Sarah Palin really say that?
Jacob Weisberg | PALINISMS | Monday, 6:09 PM ET
The Slatest: Evening Edition
Joel Klein says it's easier to execute someone than fire a teacher; John Boehner wants to go golfing with President Obama; White Castle is now accepting reservations for Valentine's Day.
THE SLATEST | Monday, 5:09 PM ET
Rumors, Shortages, and Stress
A dispatch from the streets of Cairo.
Sarah A. Topol | DISPATCHES | Monday, 5:09 PM ET
Protesting on an Empty Stomach
How the Egyptian economy is fueling unrest in Egypt.
Annie Lowrey | MONEYBOX | Monday, 4:57 PM ET
It's Not the Job Market
The three real reasons why Americans are more anxious than ever before.
Taylor Clark | CULTUREBOX | Monday, 4:53 PM ET
Hang Up and Listen: The Smash-Mouth Slobberknockers Edition
Slate's sports podcast on the Pro Bowl, Sidney Crosby's concussion, and football language.
Stefan Fatsis, Josh Levin, and Mike Pesca | HANG UP AND LISTEN | Monday, 4:19 PM ET
The Don't-Tread-on-Meter
The Meter reacts to the new Tea Party Caucus and latest GOP moves.
David Weigel | POLITICS | Monday, 3:49 PM ET
Dear Prudence: Two-Timing Woman
A weekly Dear Prudence video.
SLATE V | Monday, 3:18 PM ET
Acts of God
Prudie counsels a churchgoer who's lacking in the sympathy department—and other advice-seekers.
Emily Yoffe | DEAR PRUDENCE | Monday, 3:01 PM ET
At Last, Egypt's Story Has Changed
For too long Egyptian protests and repression were underplayed in the press because they were so familiar.
Dan Morrison | FOREIGNERS | Monday, 12:57 PM ET
Slate Has Perfected the Oscars Pool
Arcane knowledge is rewarded! Wild guesswork is penalized! Bold predictions will carry the day! Play now!
Jeremy Singer-Vine | THE OSCARS | Monday, 11:30 AM ET
The Shame Factor
When will dictators learn not to treat their people like fools?
Christopher Hitchens | FIGHTING WORDS | Monday, 10:51 AM ET
So, What's With "the Arab Street"?
We never hear anything about "the Latin American street" or "the European street."
Brian Palmer | EXPLAINER | Monday, 10:50 AM ET
The Mecca of the Mouse
The wide world of Disney World.
Seth Stevenson | WELL-TRAVELED | Monday, 10:14 AM ET
Warm Heart, Cold Hands
Are women really more likely to feel cold than men?
Amanda Schaffer | DOUBLEX | Monday, 10:12 AM ET
Our Newlywed Money Dilemma
We just got married. How should we manage our finances?
Jessica Grose | HOME ECONOMICS | Monday, 6:50 AM ET
For Salinger, With Love
Kenneth Slawenki's biography offers a bowdlerized life.
Blake Bailey | BOOKS | Monday, 6:47 AM ET
Sunday, Jan. 30, 2011
Obama's "Shah Problem"
President Obama is doing what Jimmy Carter did with Iran in 1978. Uh-oh.
Kai Bird | FOREIGNERS | Sunday, 11:50 AM ET
Change Is Good
The stability we have embraced and encouraged in the Arab world isn't really stability—it's repression
Anne Applebaum | FOREIGNERS | Sunday, 10:33 AM ET
Who's Going To Live Forever?
Everyone remembers Leonardo da Vinci, but is "immortal glory" still possible?
Samuel Black | FT | Sunday, 7:00 AM ET
Why We Do What We Do
Behavioral economics under attack.
Tim Harford | FT | Sunday, 7:00 AM ET
Saturday, Jan. 29, 2011
Lunch With Charlie Rose
The PBS interviewer prefers tap water.
Gillian Tett | FT | Saturday, 6:39 AM ET
Live Like a Grad Student … Forever
An Oxford academic recommends living on as little as you can and giving away the rest.
Toby Ord | FT | Saturday, 6:37 AM ET
Friday, Jan. 28, 2011
Did Sarah Palin really say that?
Jacob Weisberg | PALINISMS | Friday, 6:32 PM ET
Tyranny of the Alphabet
A new study explores how your last name influences how fast you buy stuff.
Timothy Noah | THE CUSTOMER | Friday, 6:16 PM ET
Remembering Daniel Bell, 1919-2011
He wrote about everything and was deep about all of it.
Jacob Weisberg | OBIT | Friday, 5:39 PM ET
Block Like an Egyptian
How did the Egyptian government turn off the Internet?
Christopher Beam | TECHNOLOGY | Friday, 4:55 PM ET
The Rise of the Tildas
Soon we'll all be dressing with the beguiling androgyny of Ms. Swinton.
Simon Doonan | DOONAN | Friday, 4:15 PM ET
"Ukraine Has Never Had a More Stable Situation Than It Has Today"
An interview with President Viktor Yanukovych.
Lally Weymouth | FOREIGNERS | Friday, 2:48 PM ET
Friday Night Lights, Season 5
Week 11: You're being too hard on Tami.
Emily Bazelon, David Plotz, and Hanna Rosin | TV CLUB | Friday, 2:20 PM ET
Barack Obama's Facebook Feed
Health care repeal, the State of the Union, and Amy Chua's new job.
Christopher Beam and Chris Wilson | OBAMA'S FACEBOOK FEED | Friday, 2:18 PM ET
The Mechanic
Jason Statham and Ben Foster find time for some awesome, ridiculous male bonding.
Dana Stevens | MOVIES | Friday, 2:18 PM ET
Are Expired Drugs Effective?
I mean, they don't smell rotten.
Brian Palmer | EXPLAINER | Friday, 1:07 PM ET
David's Big Birthday Gabfest
Listen to Slate's review of the week in politics.
Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz | GABFEST | Friday, 12:27 PM ET
Tea and Promises
Jim DeMint's Tea Party Caucus lets activists drive the GOP further to the right.
David Weigel | POLITICS | Friday, 11:43 AM ET
Egyptians Hit the Streets
Stunning photographs of anti-Mubarak protests.
FOREIGNERS | Friday, 11:15 AM ET
Democracy the Novel
Slate readers pick their favorite political book.
John Dickerson | POLITICS | Friday, 7:32 AM ET
Barbies Gone Wild
Peggy Orenstein's new book on girl culture.
Myla Goldberg | DOUBLEX | Friday, 7:20 AM ET
Save the Internet by Doing Nothing
Governments should butt out of Internet regulation, because the Internet will civilize itself.
Larry Downes | FUTURE TENSE | Friday, 7:19 AM ET
Slate's mistakes.
CORRECTIONS | Friday, 7:15 AM ET
Thursday, Jan. 27, 2011
Strange Currency
Return to the gold standard? It's just crazy enough for some state legislators to propose it.
Annie Lowrey | MONEYBOX | Thursday, 6:34 PM ET
Crowded, With a Chance of Overcrowded
How do demographers forecast population growth?
Jeremy Singer-Vine | EXPLAINER | Thursday, 6:32 PM ET
Did Sarah Palin really say that?
Jacob Weisberg | PALINISMS | Thursday, 5:55 PM ET
The Music Club
The mainstream is a dying beast.
Ann Powers, Jody Rosen, Jonah Weiner, and Carl Wilson | THE MUSIC CLUB | Thursday, 4:55 PM ET
The Enema of Your Enemy is Your Friend
Fecal transplants could be a cheap and effective treatment for gastrointestinal disorders.
Emily P. Walker | MEDICAL EXAMINER | Thursday, 4:26 PM ET
Highway to Heil
How common is Nazi iconography among bikers?
Christopher Beam | CULTUREBOX | Thursday, 4:08 PM ET
Adopt a Genius
Kickstarter, the brilliant site that lets you fund strangers' brilliant ideas.
Farhad Manjoo | TECHNOLOGY | Thursday, 3:44 PM ET
Friday Night Lights, Season 5
Week 11: The worst mistake FNL has made this season.
Emily Bazelon, David Plotz, and Hanna Rosin | TV CLUB | Thursday, 2:20 PM ET
The Viability Question
Is it OK to abort a viable fetus? Six pro-choice writers answer the question.
William Saletan | HUMAN NATURE | Thursday, 1:06 PM ET
Numberless Wonders
The trouble with soccer's statistical revolution.
Brian Phillips | SPORTS NUT | Thursday, 12:53 PM ET
The Last Action Hero
How Jason Statham became the world's biggest B-movie star.
Jody Rosen | CULTUREBOX | Thursday, 11:01 AM ET
The Purpose of Science Fiction
How it teaches governments—and citizens—how to understand the future of technology.
Robert J. Sawyer | FUTURE TENSE | Thursday, 10:26 AM ET
David Petraeus Wants This French Novel Back in Print!
Why Jean Larteguy's The Centurions appeals to our generation's most influential military strategist.
Sophia  Raday | CULTUREBOX | Thursday, 10:23 AM ET
Hanni's Story
A chance meeting with a Holocaust survivor at a remarkable exhibition in Berlin.
Sarah Wildman | DISPATCHES | Thursday, 6:52 AM ET
The Audio Book Club on Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother
Our critics discuss Amy Chua's controversial memoir.
Ann Hulbert, Hanna Rosin, and Nina Shen Rastogi | THE AUDIO BOOK CLUB | Thursday, 6:50 AM ET
A Pointed Debate
My nipples show through my blouse sometimes. Is that a faux pas?
Emily Yoffe | DEAR PRUDENCE | Thursday, 6:42 AM ET
Wednesday, Jan. 26, 2011
Tuesday, Jan. 25, 2011
Monday, Jan. 24, 2011
Weird food.
Cartoonists' take on Egypt.
Text for two.
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Sen. Schumer flunks Civics 101. http://bit.ly/fRRYa3
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Biz Groups Give President The Biz
Lithwick: Why That Florida Judge Invalidated All of Obamacare Instead of Just Some of It
Why Do Journalists Covering Muslim Uprisings Always Refer to "the Arab Street"?
Soon We'll All be Dressing With the Beguiling Androgyny of Tilda Swinton
Is It Dangerous To Take Expired Medication? Does It Still Work?
Hitchens: Mubarak's Biggest Mistake? Treating His People Like Fools.
For Years We've Sold Our Surplus Dark Meat to Russia. They Don't Want It Anymore. Now What?
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