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    February 08, 2011
The Claim for Recognition of Israel as a Jewish State: A Reassessment
By Tal Becker   
This groundbreaking new study demystifies the often misleading debate over recognizing Israel as a "Jewish" state and provides the means to reconcile the issue and overcome a major challenge to an Israeli-Palestinian agreement.
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Seeking to Protect Egypt's Democratic Transition
By Dina Guirguis   
The Hill
Although the Muslim Brotherhood is likely to play some role in a post-Mubarak Egyptian government, continued stalemate risks radicalizing other elements and empowering radicals. Washington should seek to encourage and protect a democratic transition sooner than later.
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AP Photo
The Muslim Brotherhood: On the Record
This PolicyWatch collects statements by Muslim Brotherhood leaders on the full gamut of critical issues, from their potential role in a post-Mubarak government to relations with the United States, the Palestinians, and Israel.
Imagining the Israeli-Palestinian Border
Explore various land swap proposals and see detailed information about every Israeli and Palestinian community in the West Bank. This interactive map enables users to examine these proposals from a local perspective, down to the level of individual streets and buildings.
From Caution to Boldness: U.S. Policy toward Egypt
Robert Satloff offered an assessment of Washington's response to the crisis in Egypt, as well as concrete policy goals going forward, at an special Policy Forum. Complete audio and video also available.
Mohamed ElBaradei: On the Record
This PolicyWatch collects recent public statements by Egyptian opposition figure and former IAEA chief Mohamed ElBaradei on issues ranging from domestic politics to relations with Israel to Iran.
If War Comes: Israel vs. Hizballah and Its Allies
The next war on Israel's northern border will bear little resemblance to the...
 The Red Line: How to Assess Progress in U.S. Iran Policy
Washington currently lacks broad consensus on how to deal with the persistent...
·The Perfect Handshake with Iran: Prudent Military Strategy and Pragmatic Engagement Policy By Patrick Clawson
·Gulf of Conflict: A History of U.S.-Iranian Confrontation at Sea By David B. Crist
·Arab Reactions to a Nuclear-Armed Iran By Tariq Khaitous
·Engaging Iran: Lessons from the Past Patrick Clawson, editor
·Iran's Asymmetric Naval Warfare By Fariborz Haghshenass
·The Last Resort: Consequences of Preventive Military Action against Iran By Patrick Clawson and Michael Eisenstadt
·Energy in Danger: Iran, Oil, and the West By Simon Henderson
·Apocalyptic Politics: On the Rationality of Iranian Policy By Mehdi Khalaji
·Speaking about the Unspeakable: U.S.-Israeli Dialogue on Iran's Nuclear Program By Chuck Freilich
·Deterring the Ayatollahs: Complications in Applying Cold War Strategy to Iran Patrick Clawson and Michael Eisenstadt, editors

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Michael Singh NBC, 1/31/11

Institute democracy and reform expert Michael Singh appeared on NBC's Today Show.

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Among the Righteous: Lost Stories from the Holocaust's Long Reach into Arab Lands
Hamas Rocket Control System

Source: Policy Focus #97

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