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04 Mar 2009 - 31 Jan 2011
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Payroll giving
Payroll giving
Regular donations are important to us. Regular donations mean we have reliable income we can count on, which allows us to plan in advance and budget more effectively.

The BBC World Service Trust is an independent charity funded by external grants and voluntary contributions. We only receive a small amount of core support for our activities from the BBC (both in kind and cash).

Your support could help:
  • Provide vital information to the victims of natural disasters or conflict
  • Save lives and reduce human suffering by raise awareness and changing behaviour and attitudes towards critical health issues, including HIV and AIDS
  • Support economic development by empowering individuals with information about market prices and business skills
  • Help citizens hold their governments to account by enabling public scrutiny, dialogue and debate
  • Empower women and girls to play an active role in society
  • Educate children and adults who have been denied an education
  • Help develop an independent, un-biased media that is free from government control
  • Engage in dialogue at a national and international policy level through government relations and UN agencies
What is Payroll giving (also known as Give As You Earn)?
Payroll giving is simple and tax-efficient. Since payroll giving is deducted before tax, from your gross salary, it costs you less.
Payroll giving:
  • Allows you to give every month direct from your payroll - administered by your employer
  • Is flexible - you can increase or decrease the amount, change charities or stop whenever you like
  • Means your donation is tax-free
  • If you are a higher rate taxpayer, you need not remember to reclaim tax relief because the donation is deducted from your gross salary (before tax)
One form is all it takes
This is how to how to set up your payroll giving:
  • First check with your employer whether they operate a payroll giving scheme. If they don't, they can easily set one up by contacting any of the Inland Revenue approved Payroll Giving agencies listed on the HM Revenue and Customs
  • Fill out a donor form (which your employer should have). This authorizes your payroll department to take contributions from your salary.
  • Your payroll department will then pass these funds onto an approved Payroll Giving agency.
  • The Payroll Giving agency will then distribute donations to your chosen charity or charities.
    Your employer can also donate to your chosen charity
Many employers now match their staff donations to charity. Over 9,000 companies already offer Payroll Giving to millions of employees. It is worth asking your employer if they match donations.
In confidence
Your employer does not have to know your choice of charity - the Payroll Giving agency will keep it confidential if you prefer. All your information is protected under the Data Protection Act.
Keeping in touch
When you complete the donor form, you will be given the choice of staying in contact with the charity you have chosen to support or you can ask for your name and address to be withheld from the charity.
If you do supply your details, we will be happy to keep you informed of what your donations are helping us achieve around the world. You can also sign up here for our monthly e-newsletter.
Once a year, we will also host an Open Day, inviting donors and supporters to visit us at BBC Bush House, London.

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