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02 Feb 2011 - 09 Dec 2020
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Jordanians stage anti-gov't sit-in in Amman
English.news.cn   2011-01-30 08:04:57
Jordanian protestors shout slogans during a sit-in held outside the prime minister's office in Amman, Jordan, on Jan. 29, 2011, calling for the formation of an interim government and the resignation of the government of Prime Minister Samir Rifai. (Xinhua/Mohammad Abu Ghosh)
AMMAN, Jan. 29 (Xinhua) - Dozens of Jordanians demonstrated Saturday, calling for the formation of an interim government and the resignation of the government of Prime Minister Samir Rifai.
During the sit-in, which took place in front of the headquarters of the Jordanian prime ministry, the demonstrators chanted anti-government slogans and said Jordan needs a government that can shoulder its responsibilities.
The demonstrators, who included trade unionists, political party members, military retirees and representative of the youth sector, slammed the government for "making the financial situation of citizens worse."
The demonstrators criticized the government's economic policies and called for genuine reforms.
The participants also called for the abolishment of the Wadi Araba peace treaty with Israel, saying that it was a "source of shame."
"It is time for change. Our problem is Rifai," chanted the demonstrators.
On Friday, thousands of Jordanians across the country took to the streets, demanding the resignation of the government and the dissolution of the Lower House inspired by protests in Tunisia and Egypt.
In the past three weeks, thousands of Jordanians have staged peaceful demonstrations in Amman and other major cities, calling for genuine political and economic reforms and combat of corruption.
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