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12 December 2010
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Lesotho's China-made parliament delayed

afrol News - Lesotho's new parliament building, financed by a Chinese grant in 2005, has to be inaugurated later than planned. Both the Chinese contractors and works by Lesotho utilities had made mistakes.
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Culture - Arts
US returns Tutankhamun collection to Egypt

afrol News - The US Metropolitan Museum of Art has agreed to repatriate a collection of ancient Egyptian objects, including some that had belonged to King Tutankhamun and had been in New York since 1948.
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» Seychelles to organise "prestigious" carnival
» Burkina Faso's "crazy opera" is rising
» Botswana independence festivities moved by rare birds
» Congo's Staff Benda Bilili on big tour
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Dakar from Africa's gay capital to centre of homophobia

afrol News - In colonial times, Senegal's metropolis Dakar was famous for its open and tolerated homosexual prostitution market, and as late as in the 1970s, as many as 17 percent of Senegalese men admitted having had homosexual experiences. Now, Dakar is West Africa's centre of gay oppression.
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Moshoeshoe of Lesotho, "Africa's greatest leader"

afrol News - He stood up against the Zulu, gained several battles against the European invaders and managed to create a Basotho state that escaped incorporation in racist South Africa. Lesotho's first king, Moshoeshoe I, is often called "Africa's greatest leader" in the early 19th century.
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Africa | Kenya
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Beads - a showcase of Africa's heritage

Misanet / IPS - The oldest known African bead is more than 12.000 years old and was found in the Kalahari Desert, but South African beads may be up to 75,000 years old. Almost equally old beads are found in Libya and Sudan. As a continental-wide cultural heritage, beads have served as fine jewellery, small pieces of art, haute couture, royal regalia, divine faience and even legal tender throughout the history of Africa. In Kenya, a handicraft-centre-turned-museum exposes this showcase of African heritage.
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Maputo: Joining Gustave Eiffel in Latin Africa

afrol News - It's not quite the Eiffel tower, neither is it the Statue of Liberty, but nonetheless, Gustave Eiffel, the genius behind these two monuments, is strongly present in Maputo. The Mozambican capital is marked by a violent history and notorious Portuguese nostalgia, but the metropolis is again opening its eyes towards tourism after a decade of peace and democracy. And every corner is brightened by Africa's most Latin rhythms.
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German Wituland, a colonial rarity

afrol News - It is common knowledge that the German colonial empire in Africa included only four short-lived colonies where colonial rule was harsh; Togo, Kamerun, South-West Africa (Namibia) and East Africa (Tanzania). This is however wrong. Even in the more short-lived German colony Wituland (now in Kenya), the local population rioted against the Germans in 1890 - because they were leaving.
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Banc d'Arguin: The Imraguen guards of culture and nature

afrol News - In 1989, the Mauritanian national park Banc d'Arguin was admitted to the UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites. Fringing the Saharan desert's Atlantic coast, the park is made up of sand dunes, coastal swamps, small islands and shallow coastal waters. It is however even more known for its biodiversity (birds, fish, turtles, dolphins, etc.) and its fishery resources, carefully managed by the local Imraguen fisherman. Foreigner's overfishing off the park however remains a threat.
Read the special report on Mauritania's incredible Banc d'Arguin National Park, containing one of Africa's most productive ecosystems, and the Imraguen people, torn between tradition and modernity managing the riches of the park.
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Cameroon | Nigeria
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Rise and Fall of the Adamawa Emirate

afrol News - The ancient Emirate of Adamawa was a part of the Sokoto Caliphate, the politically dominant empire of the Central Sudan in the 19th century. Adamawa was known as "The wild east" of the Caliphate, were Fulbe settlers occupied the vast highlands of Northern Cameroon and provided slaves for the empire from the neighboring areas.
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Culture - Arts
Francophone Literature:
From Negritude to Realism

afrol News - The wave of prices the Francophone writers, both African and Caribbean, have been winning the last years, has placed their works in the focus of world literature. Renovation seemingly is the most eye-catching they have achieved. Follow their way from the "Negritude" movement to modern realism.
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