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12 December 2010
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Mozambique drug barons "protected by President"

afrol News - Mozambique is becoming a major narcotics transit point in Africa, with US diplomatic sources pointing at two of country's main businessmen as drug barons. Both are protected by the President.
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Djibouti | Eritrea
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Djibouti sees Eritrea President as "lunatic"

afrol News - The Foreign Minister of Djibouti, in talks with the US Embassy, called President Issaias Afwerki of neighbouring Eritrea "a lunatic". He also revealed Eritrea opposes any real Somali peace talks.
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» South Sudan: historic vote or new conflict?
» Kenya assists Ethiopia fight Oromia rebels
» Mayotte issue to split or join Comoros, France
» Pressure mounts against Côte d'Ivoire "coup"
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Zambia | Namibia
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History battle: Zambia's dubious role in Namibia's freedom fight

afrol News - The difficult past of Zambia's ambiguous role in Namibia's and Angola's freedom fight is haunting current President, thus Foreign Minister, Rupiah Banda. The 1970s anti-communist Zambian regime is said to have killed Namibian freedom fighters in agreement with apartheid South Africa and Sam Nujoma. Historians confirm the allegations.
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Eastern Europe starts repaying Africa

afrol News - The fall of the Iron Curtain cost Africa much in terms of reduced investments and development aid, which in the 1990s was redirected to Eastern Europe. But now, following EU demands and increased wealth, country after country in the region is setting up development cooperation agencies focusing on Africa, with booming budgets.
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Africa highlights 2004 by afrol News

afrol News - Negative news often dominate the international coverage of Africa. 2004 however has seen much more than the crises in Darfur and Côte d'Ivoire. Peace has returned to many more countries, democracy and human rights are strengthening in Africa and the economy is booming in many countries. The link between democracy and development has been demonstrated and the outlook for 2005 is mostly positive.
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Lesotho: Water of the future, waters of the past

afrol News - Lesotho used to be an oasis of freedom in the middle of apartheid South Africa; now it's an oasis of poverty. The small kingdom however has one resource promising increased welfare for all: trickling mountain brooklets. The Mohale Dam uniting them for further exports to South Africa is soon to be finished, but the most visible result so far is that more than 30,000 people have lost all they had due to the dams.
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The Gambia tackles poor governance

afrol News / IMF Survey - Although the price of poor governance is difficult to quantify, the toll it takes on a country's progress can be substantial. In The Gambia over the past decade, a property seizure and a coup, among other events, led to major setbacks in overall economic performance and contributed to worsening poverty. But the country has persevered in its reforms and has taken relatively timely steps to address governance issues and win back donor support.
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A preview of the Lesotho 2002 elections

Misanet.com / SARDC - Lesotho's pre-election environment may be deceptively similar to that of other regional countries. There is one slight difference in Lesotho however, the shockingly large number of Basotho political parties contesting for these paramount elections, 19 in total, far exceeding the regional benchmark.
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Rafael Marques: The Lipstick of Dictatorship

afrol News / Misanet.com / Agora - The following article by prominent Angolan journalist Rafael Marques was published in Agora newspaper on 3 July 1999. In January 2002, Marques was instructed by the Provincial Court of Luanda to pay compensation of 30,000 kwanza (about US$ 950) to President Eduardo dos Santos, after the court found him guilty of defaming, slandering and injuring the President.
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Chad | Cameroon
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The Chad-Cameroon Petroleum Development and Pipeline Project

afrol News - The Chad-Cameroon Petroleum Development and Pipeline Project constitutes one of the greatest development projects started on African soil. It could enable the poverty-ridden, landlocked Chadian nation to embark on deep ploughing social development and poverty reduction. Critics are however loud and widespread. Will the grand project instead destroy the environment, fuell the civil war, enhance human rights violations and strengthen General Idriss Deby's undemocratic hold on power in Chad?
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