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12 December 2010
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Congo Kinshasa | Rwanda
Science - Education | Environment - Nature
Mountain gorilla population recovering

afrol News - A new mountain gorilla census in Rwanda and Congo Kinshasa (DRC) shows a 26 percent increase in population of this endangered species during seven years. Mountain gorillas are among the region's main tourist attractions.
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Science - Education
Somaliland meets giant education challenge

afrol News - Less than one third of school-aged children in Somaliland receive education, and even these low numbers represent a doubling of schooling rates in one decade. An NGO is behind much of the success.
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» Africa receives least health aid
» Seychelles gets its 1st university
» Longer life in SA may reflect AIDS victory
» "Conserving Nigeria's forests pays off"
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Kenya | Africa
Society | Human rights | Science - Education
Abolishing fees boosts African schooling

Africa Renewal - When the Kenyan government announced it would stop charging fees for primary school education - just days before the beginning of the 2003 school year - the result was pandemonium. Teachers, headmasters and parents scrambled to find desks, pencils and books for over a million extra students. Many African countries have followed Kenya's example.
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Science - Education | Environment - Nature
Origin of Madagascar's peculiar species

afrol News - Madagascar's isolated and fascinating fauna has puzzled scientists and laymen for centuries. The main question has been: How did they get to the Great Island in the first place, later being allowed to evolve in splendid isolation? Read the new research and see the video claiming to end a century of scientific debate.
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Environment - Nature | Science - Education
The Mangroves
an undervalued ecosystem

afrol News - Historically classified "unhealthy wastelands" or "useless swamps" by development-eager authorities and businesses, the mangrove forests actually are one of the most fascinating resources in tropical Africa. The trees manage to live on the edge between flooding rivers, tidal waves intruding with salt water and the drylands, where they create new land and environs rich in fish, birds, wood and other resources. Finally, their value is being discovered.
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Health | Science - Education
Is the African AIDS pandemic a bluff?

afrol News - A growing number of researchers question the "official" inflated numbers of HIV/AIDS prevalence in African countries such as Botswana, South Africa and Lesotho. Poor testing, a special diagnosis of AIDS in Africa and erroneous computer-generated estimates by the UN had led to "misleading" numbers, they hold. The history of AIDS in Uganda serves as proof.
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