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12 December 2010
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Marrakech is BA's top 2011 destination

afrol News - Morocco's exotic inland city Marrakech has been named the top destination of UK's leading airliner British Airways (BA). Also Mauritius is on BA's top-ten list for 2011.
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Economy - Development | Travel - Leisure
Botswana outraged over tourism, diamond boycott

afrol News - The government and citizens of Botswana are expressing outrage at a campaign launched by a British group, calling for a world-wide boycott of the country's diamonds and tourism industry, fronted by celebrities.
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» Cape Verde popularity produces extra flights
» Mali's Sahel Highway moving forward
» Mauritania protects unique flamingo colony
» Africa showed off well at London travel fair
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Your secret African travel destinations

afrol News - During 2010, this afrol News series will present the most rewarding "secret" travel destinations in Africa, totally off the beaten track. Wondering where to go for a real African holiday experience or adventure? Follow us!
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Travel - Leisure
Your secret African travel destinations:
Gabon: Sharing the beach with hippos

afrol News - "Ecotourism" is the magic word in Gabon, an immensely beautiful tropical rainforest country with Africa's highest density of national parks. But tourists have not started coming in great numbers to the Gabonese coast yet as infrastructure is still sparse. In itself a good reason to go...
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Travel - Leisure
Your secret African travel destinations:
Somaliland surprises

afrol News - Somaliland, with marvellous beaches, breathtaking diving opportunities, scenic mountains and rich culture, is the definitive frontier of tourism. Not because it is unsafe, but because there is absolutely no tourism infrastructure and you'll feel like you are the first visitor.
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Zambia | Tanzania
Travel - Leisure
Your secret African travel destinations:
Riches of Lake Tanganyika

afrol News - The shores of Lake Tanganyika, a "secret" African travel destination, are shared between the four diverse countries Tanzania, Burundi, DR Congo and Zambia. The enormous lake offers unique sports fishing, wildlife, swims, vibrant African villages and cities and a fairytale colonial ferry.
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Travel - Leisure
Your secret African travel destinations:
Saint-Louis, colonial tranquillity

afrol News - After having presented you with several genuine African travel destinations, we today go to Senegal's secret colonial pearl, Saint-Louis. The town, beautifully located where River Senegal hits the Atlantic beaches, is French and peaceful, yet sparkling African.
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Swaziland | South Africa
Travel - Leisure
Your secret African travel destinations:
Zulu- and Swaziland cultural tourism

afrol News - In today's "secret" African travel destination, we will take you to the most genuine parts of the otherwise well visited region of Southern Africa. In Zululand and Swaziland, original African culture is still deeply rooted.
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Travel - Leisure
Your secret African travel destinations:
Roaming nightlife in Lomé

afrol News - Today's "secret" African travel destination is Togo's capital Lomé, chosen for the nightlife loving traveller wanting an introduction to West African music, culture and joy of life. And Lomé has its beaches and sights as well.
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São Tomé and Príncipe
Travel - Leisure
Your secret African travel destinations:
São Tomé tropical island paradise

afrol News - A very special "secret" African travel destination is the still undiscovered pearl São Tomé, with excellent beaches, lush volcanic rainforest and farms, warm Portuguese architecture, Creole culture and African hospitality.
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Travel - Leisure
Your secret African travel destinations:
Rhumsiki mountain village, northern Cameroon

afrol News - We start this summer's series of "secret" African travel destinations and insiders' tips in Rhumsiki in northern Cameroon. Here, rich and authentic African culture is placed in a spectacular mountain landscape.
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Agriculture - Nutrition | Environment - Nature | Travel - Leisure | Economy - Development
Africa to pay for Europe's "green policies"

afrol News - In efforts to make quick and symbolic gains in Europe's otherwise failed policies to curb climate gas emissions, environmental and anti-globalisation politicians are aiming at Africa's few economic success stories. Campaigns to buy locally produced food and travel to local destinations particularly hit out against African products.
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Culture - Arts | Travel - Leisure
Maputo: Joining Gustave Eiffel in Latin Africa

afrol News - It's not quite the Eiffel tower, neither is it the Statue of Liberty, but nonetheless, Gustave Eiffel, the genius behind these two monuments, is strongly present in Maputo. The Mozambican capital is marked by a violent history and notorious Portuguese nostalgia, but the metropolis is again opening its eyes towards tourism after a decade of peace and democracy. And every corner is brightened by Africa's most Latin rhythms.
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Culture - Arts | Travel - Leisure | Environment - Nature
Banc d'Arguin: The Imraguen guards of culture and nature

afrol News - In 1989, the Mauritanian national park Banc d'Arguin was admitted to the UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites. Fringing the Saharan desert's Atlantic coast, the park is made up of sand dunes, coastal swamps, small islands and shallow coastal waters. It is however even more known for its biodiversity (birds, fish, turtles, dolphins, etc.) and its fishery resources, carefully managed by the local Imraguen fisherman. Foreigner's overfishing off the park however remains a threat.
Read the special report on Mauritania's incredible Banc d'Arguin National Park, containing one of Africa's most productive ecosystems, and the Imraguen people, torn between tradition and modernity managing the riches of the park.
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