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February 2011

Southern Sudan:
Birth of a Nation or
World’s Newest Failed State?
By Larry Luxner
Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth, head of the Southern Sudan Mission in Washington, isn’t naïve about what lies ahead after the south’s long-awaited divorce from the north and the critical six-month separation period ahead, but he insists the world’s newest country will not become its latest failed state.
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Photo of Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth taken at the Government
of Southern Sudan Office by Lawrence Ruggeri.

International Affairs
Jordan's New Envoy: Environment
Key to Thirsty Nation’s Future
The environment holds the key to survival for Jordan, one of the five most water-deprived countries on Earth, according to its new ambassador who’s the first woman ever to represent the Hashemite Kingdom in Washington. Read More
Missile Defense Trudges Forward,
Both Inflaming and Cooling Tensions
In the post-Cold War era, America’s missile defense strategy for Europe has both inflamed tensions with Russia and, more recently, offered the promise of unprecedented cooperation among former Cold War adversaries. Read More
Book Review
Mandelbaum: Burdens at Home
Sap a Superpower’s Strength Abroad
In “The Frugal Superpower,” Michael Mandelbaum argues that economic burdens at home will cut the long arm of the United States abroad. Read More

February 2011 Special Section
• Colon Cancer Detection Easier to Take
• For Elderly, Health Can Decline After Accidental Falls
People of World Influence
U.S. Takes Page From Kilcullen’s
Counterinsurgency Handbook
By Michael Coleman
As American forces provide the brawn to counter insurgents in Afghanistan and Iraq, one man has helped supply the brains: David Kilcullen who literally wrote the counterinsurgency handbook that’s required reading for all U.S. soldiers. Read More
Push for Diplomatic Recognition Creates Tricky Precedents
by Larry Luxner
From Kosovo to Palestine, the race for diplomatic recognition is creating unpredictable international precedents — along with some strange bedfellows. Read More

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No Longer Top Priority for Taiwan

Gerard Sekoto’s 1943 oil painting “Boy and the Candle”.
Illuminating ‘Mosaic’
The National Museum of African Art culled its best and brightest from a 9,500-piece collection for an “African Mosaic” of illuminating art. Read More
Diplomatic Spouses
All in the Family
Chilean Mother of Six Brings Whole Clan to Experience D.C. Read More
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- Textiles: Clothes from Oaxaca to Uzbekistan
- Art: D.C. Artists Come Together in Loud ‘Unison’
- Theater: Fading Star Shines in Gleaming ‘Sunset’
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